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“The Sleeping Giant” ~A Prophetic Word

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Prophetic words have a creative force…They do not come from us but are spoken through us. The Holy Spirit has given us this gift so that we may release the plan and purpose of God into our churches, our communities, our world and every part of our daily lives. The Holy Spirit is all-knowing and when He places a word or a vision into our spirit it is so Gods plans may be brought forth from the heavenly realm to the natural realm. Our prayers are an ongoing dialog with heaven…We send our requests up and the Holy Spirit responds with what needs to happen in order for us to achieve Gods purpose. His response may come through the word, or He may place a vision/dream or word of wisdom into our spirit. By speaking forth the messages received into our spirit from heaven; we create the opportunity for…

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EXCERPT FROM HEAVEN ~The Spirit Speaks on Miracles

For the past year The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about the miraculous….He has been revealing many attributes of God’s Miracle working power and I hope to put them all in a book soon….Here is a short excerpt from one of my moments in the Spirit.

spirit man

The Holy Spirit is the deliverer of miracles…He recognizes both God’s creation and our misled illusions. He separates the truth from the false by His ability to perceive totally rather than selectively; as we in our human natural form have a tendency to do. We only need to surrender our wills to the process of His chosen application which allows Him to do the work through us.  He removes the deceptive illusion of any illness from us, and restores Gods creation back to its intended original state, because Christ already shed His Blood for us over 2000 years ago .  Illness is an illusion impressed upon God’s creation by the enemy and allowing the illusion to permeate in your mind, allows the deceptive illusion to take up residence in your body. God’s intention for us was to be born, to live out our purpose and lay-down to sleep; returning our spirits home to Him.
Illness is not part of God’s plan for us…It is the enemy who deceives us with the illusion that we are not well, so that he can mislead us away from our intended purpose and destination!! All miracles are delivered by the Holy Spirit…and all miracles are received through the revelation of the truth found in God’s Word.

Whatever your need is today, ask the Holy Spirit to rend the Heavens open and by that I mean to give you access to what the rulers of darkness are hiding from you, because God’s Kingdom is always open to us who have been sealed by His Holy Spirit.

Push back the illusion of the enemy’s veil and receive your blessing today!!

May God Bless You and Keep You in All Things Pertaining to Life and Godliness ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

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The UNIFIED VOICE ~The heart of Heaven

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Recently I have been looking at the words “Shout to the Lord” and examining what it means to really shout out to our Heavenly Father. As a worshiper of God and a teacher/preacher of His word; I am always seeking new revelation. It was once said to me that I should not preach Gods word because my voice is too soft, even if I was shouting it would not be heard!  My first thought was; I wonder if they know about this invention called the microphone???  However, I just politely smiled, did not respond and walked away; I wasn`t about to be drawn into a negative debate over a trivial opinion. I know my God and if He needs my voice to be carried over any significant distance….He can cause the sound of it to echo for miles, I only need to open my mouth and speak.  

I was…

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praying handsLord Jesus we call upon you to worship your Holy Wonderful Name….We thank you Lord that you are the way, the truth and the life; and that the adversary has been cast down under our feet. We thank you for the blessing of your Kingdom, Lord; the spiritual blessings, the natural blessings and the super natural blessings.  We thank you Lord for the divine intervention that you demonstrate daily in the world. We declare Lord that we are a blessed generation, and that all generations to follow us will possess an even greater abundance than our natural minds can conceive. We declare Lord that we are a prosperous people; prosperous in our ministry, in health, in family, in our relationships, in education, our gifting’s & talents, in discernment of the times, spiritual territories, in financial matters and in all things pertaining to our lives. We thank you Lord that you…

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love arise

Today completes the 40 day love fast….I have had many join in through my web site and various social media sites. One of the questions that I was constantly asked throughout the 40 days is why didn’t I post an exhortation along with the scripture for each day. Well firstly my reason is that I wanted each day and scripture to be a reflection of something in your life to ponder and secondly I have written devotions for each day and I may do an e-book at a later point in time, so I wanted to reserve my exhortation for then… Although, today I will share my devotion.


Love knows no boundaries…it looks through the eyes of the heart to see the beauty that is in each individual…It states; I am Love and because I love I can live my life without the walls of race, gender, age, or religion!! I can embrace love because I was created by my Heavenly Father who is love and is for love. I can live each day knowing that though the world appears to be in chaos and moral calamity; His love still flows from the depths of the hearts of those who believe in the value of life and liberty through the blessings of the eternal cross. Love is not withheld from those who seek it…it is not illusive!! The Kingdom is for all mankind; you only need to open yourself up to that quite knock that you hear tugging on your heart. Love is vocal…it confesses its commitment with praise and acknowledgement. Love takes action…it does not sit idly by, but embraces those who are in need of love until love becomes the only reflection that they see. Love honours each new day with a vibrant spirit opening the way to receive what God has ordained for this day. Love lays aside its own agenda so that it may fulfill its divine purpose. So today I challenge you to live, to seek love and allow love to achieve its destiny in you.

Be Blessed and Enjoy Your Day ~Sincerely Rev. C.A. Livingstone

The Love Fast – 40 Days https://cindylivingstoneministries.wordpress.com/the-love-fast/

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Anti-Gay vs Pro-Heterosexual

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I am not Anti-Gay…I am Pro Heterosexual, I do not hate those who choose a different lifestyle that is opposite to my belief system; I respect their free will to choose…I only want the right to be able to make the same free choice without being accused of hate speech….I love all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or social standing in life. Why? Because God is Love and I am an Ambassador of His Love and Truth. If we take away the freedom to express ones view-point, we will begin the very destruction of society as a whole. We as a loving people under God cannot adhere to a standard that does not reflect our view-point and we must stand to lovingly express our concerns. We are not fearful or intolerant of alternative lifestyles; we only want to preserve the morals of our traditional views. We are not…

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A Letter from Heaven ~For All Fathers

Cindy Livingstone Ministries:

Sending Blessings to all the fathers out there…May you know that you are loved and appreciated. ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

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Fathers Day

My sons of whom I love dearly; you are the foundation of the family, and I have assigned to you a specific challenge to accomplish in this modern-day world. Your position will be challenged not so much by your own children, but by the very societal structure of this disoriented day.   With the structural breakdown of traditional families and roles so clearly undefined, it has left a door open for displacement to set in.  Your challenge will be a difficult one, but I have extended to you an extraordinary grace for this season of uncertainty. I, your Lord God have placed inside you an exceptional heart of courage and strength. I have given you the wisdom and discernment to stand as loving fathers, even if the world calls it unfashionable.  I made you in my image to be a reflection of my heart, and my heart is love for all mankind.  Through our…

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PRAYER ~Love Intercedes

Day 14Interceding is defined as the act of stepping in on behalf of another who is in need of having someone else petition for them. To petition for someone is to present their case to another or in the instances of prayer it is to intercede to a higher authority; Our Lord and King, Jesus!! As the love fast continues there are those who are in need of intercession today. Interceding is to open your heart to heaven and send your petitions forth for those in need and those you love…even the impossible ones. Love always intercedes!!
Today I stand in intercession for all of you; Lord you are the glorious creator of our universe and we adore you Heavenly Father!! Our hope is in you Lord; I am thankful for His Grace and Mercy that has been poured out over our lives and ask that He continues to hold us in His skillful hands. Lord today I stand for those who are seeking you; may they see your glorious face and know your agape love… A love that is abounding and overrides all space and time!! I stand for those who are blessed; May they continued to increase in all things in life and godliness. I stand for all the families; May they hold love and unity in their hearts towards each other. I stand for those who are battling illness; May you embrace them with your divine love and heal them from whatever is ailing them. I stand for those who are struggling. discouraged or disillusioned by life’s circumstances or people; May they know that all things work for your greater purpose and that you will bring full restoration into their hearts. I stand for those who are unable to forgive past hurts; May they know that your love will bind up their wounds and allow life to once again be filled with joy and peace…and may they know that although someone else caused their pain, forgiveness releases them from the bondage of that prison. I stand for those who are in need of  financial blessings; Lord, may you make a way where there appears to be none! May you open up the doors of opportunity for new or better employment, investments and monetary gifts. I stand for those who are alone or lonely; May they know that you are always with them and may you open the doors of friendship and unite their hearts with others. I stand for those who are grieving; May they take comfort in knowing that their loved one is at home in heaven, basking in the blessings of the afterlife. I stand for those in need of direction; May they know that your Spirit is their compass and may they follow your voice which speaks to them in their hearts and lights the path for them. I stand for those who are being influenced by unhealthy substances or addictions and negative spirits…May they be freed from chains of darkness and receive the favour of divine intervention. I stand for those who are emotionally burdened and logically confused; May the dove of peace rest upon them and shower them with your wisdom and love. I stand for those who are in leadership; May the Lord encompass you with His strength and courage, May you always be a reflection of His principles and truth…And may you lead from a position of peace knowing that every action has an echo in eternity. I stand for those in need of a Saviour…May they know that you Lord Jesus are knocking on the doors of their hearts; waiting for the invitation to come inside to fill the chambers of their hearts with your light and love. I pray that they open that door and receive the greatest gift that this world cannot offer.
I stand today with the authority of my Blessed King interceding with love and expectation, Knowing that all my petitions that I have placed upon His throne are received and that decrees from heaven have gone forth for each and every one of you releasing the favour of God into your lives.

In Jesus Name, I Stand and Pray Amen!! ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

The Love Fast: https://cindylivingstoneministries.wordpress.com/the-love-fast/

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A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit put an old song in my heart called “What the World Needs Now” It goes on to say What the World Needs Now, is love sweet love, It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of, What the World Needs Now, Not just for some but for everyone!!
With all the contention in today’s world, between the social and religious disparity it’s difficult to find an even ground in which we can agree upon… The battle lines are being drawn once again; as in previous points in history causing distorted views and dissension within humanity. People are fearful of the future and are in need of “Authentic Leadership”….. If ever there was a time for a “Paradigm Shift” that time is NOW!!!
Our words are powerful…They can alter our perceptions and effect the world around us!! So it is time to change the negative conditioning set by the media mind melts, and re-condition our hearts to a position of Faith. It is time to reclaim your freedom and embrace Love.
The Love Fast….Today we start a forty day journey that will transform our life and reset our human conditioning. The Love Fast isn’t about giving up on love, like most fast that require you to give up something; It is quite the opposite!! The Love Fast is about teaching us to “Feast on Love” so that the negative connotations of life will dissipate and cause love to rise in our hearts!!
Each day for 40 days, there will be a simple post for you to ponder throughout your day. Take each post and find a way to insert it into your day. When you feel negative thoughts rising in your mind…Remember the post and overturn the negative thought with the positive love thought for that day. Love is language that knows no boundaries…Practicing love affects all aspects in your life. It enlightens your mind, heals your body and elates your spirit. It sets you free from old wounds, and allows you to live your life in peace.

Welcome to “The Love Fast” I look forward to taking this journey with you all. ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

For Daily Post From May 22 to Jun 30 Click Page: https://cindylivingstoneministries.wordpress.com/the-love-fast/

Day 1

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Prayer for Healing

angel 6

Prayer for Healing

Father we thank you for your Holy Presence on this day that you have created; May we be glad and rejoice in it. We exalt you and adore you Lord…..You are our rock in which we stand upon. Lord we lift up those battling with illness this morning. We ask Father that you continue to surround them with the peace of your presence; so that they may be submerged in the blessings of your glory. Father we thank you that you have your angelic hosts posted around them; protecting them at all times. We pray that your resting presence will still their minds, and refresh their souls. We pray for their spirits, may they continue to receive revelation of your Kingdom and the Glory that expounds there. Father we pray for the restoration of their lives, we ask that every foreign cell in their bodies be destroyed and replaced with new cells. We declare Lord that no adversarial forces have access or influence over any area in their lives…and that they are free from all infirmities that are attacking them!! Father we ask that you sustain their families during this season of trial. Lord we thank you for your love and favour that you have poured out over them. We declare that they are healthy and whole…. In your name Jesus, we pray. Amen

But He was wounded for our transgressions,He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed -Isaiah 53:5

May God Bless You and Keep You ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

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