The Legend of Mary Magdalene

They’ve called me a prostitute, a woman of ill-repute. A rebel wandering in abysmal nothingness. I am a disgrace according to society standards. I have dishonored the memory of my father and have been rejected by my family. I have been possessed by seven devils and I have lived a sinful life……BUT WAIT my story does not end there!  My name is Mary Magdalene; one day along my journey I met my Savior Jesus. He delivered me from my demons and my desire to sin was gone. I gave Him my heart and repented of all my sinful, worldly nature. I was Free…… Free at last from the torture of my sinful life. Free from the evil that dwelled in me. Free to love my new-found faith and worship my “Awesome Savior.”  I was born into the lineage of the house of David and I was destined to meet Jesus, even before God formed the earth, God knew my destiny!!  I was born of royalty and Jesus was bringing me into my birth right. God knew that I would serve my Lord with all my heart. From my first meeting with My Jesus I fell completely in love with Him, I would die for Him!!  I believed in Him and followed Him throughout His ministry. I am a WOMAN of GREAT FAITH.   I supported my Savior and watched Him perform many miracles. I was a leader within the group and helped others to understand the importance of my Lord Jesus ministry.  Jesus loved me!!  I could not image my life without Him in it. Soon that would change…. and Oh how my heart would break on that day!  The Roman soldiers came and took my Jesus. They would put Him to death by way of the cross.  They hung My Lord on the cross and all stood by to watch His life flow out of His veins.  I felt as though my heart was being torn out of my chest. My Savior, My Lord, My heart, My faith, My life, what would my life be without Him? He died and I sobbed terribly. I prepared Jesus’s body for burial and we placed my Lord in His tomb that Joseph of Arimathea provided for Him. It was a new tomb; No one had been buried there before. We sealed the tomb and I left My Lord………..I left Him there, His lifeless body alone in that tomb with the guards outside to watch over it. My Lord, My Life, what should I do now?                              
I could not leave My Jesus in that tomb so I went back; In spite of the fact that I would risk ridicule from the guards and anyone else whom did not understand the LOVE and POWER of God’s Son. I knew My Lord and no one could cause me not to believe in who He was. I am a WOMEN of GREAT FAITH and I will not allow the world to dictate their beliefs to me. Jesus is MY LIFE and I will not deny him!!  So I went to the tomb and suddenly there was a great earthquake; and an angel of the Lord, descended from heaven, and rolled back the stone that was in front of Jesus’s tomb and sat on it. My Savior was not in there; I was greatly upset. The angel spoke and said the Lord has risen and I believed…..go and tell his disciples that Christ has risen. I was chosen by the angel of the Lord to spread the Good News of the Risen Christ, WOW! what a privilege God has given me. I ran as fast as possible to tell the message of the Risen Christ. I had only faith in my heart…. that all would receive this message. I could not imagine that my obedience in my faith to My Lord would lead me to receive a great blessing. I Mary Magdalene once a sinful woman whom Jesus saved has now met me again along the road of my life; the resurrected Christ appeared to me……to me a Woman!!  I was the first to worship the resurrected Christ. I was the first to know that my Lord is ascending to heaven….. He will be seated at the right hand of Our Father.  I am forever His disciple, I was there the day of Pentecost and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit; the Fire of my Savior’s Spirit dwells in me. I am truly a blessed Woman of God.  It may not be recorded throughout history but I was the first Woman Apostle of Jesus. I was the first Woman Evangelist. I was the first Woman of Great Faith in the Lord Jesus. Through my obedience and faith in My Lord Jesus, he laid the foundation for ALL WOMEN.  Mary Magdalene was one  of the most faithful servants to Jesus. In her heart she understood better than most that what He essentially did was deliver her out of hell!! She knew that without Jesus she would have spent the rest of her days on earth and in eternity in a hellish torment. She understood that believing in Christ gives you life…..She had great revelation of Heaven and Hell. All worldly life did not matter because without Christ you are dead. Risking all the flesh to pursue the cause of the Savior gives us abundant Heavenly rewards and that is all that truly matters.  Mary Magdalene is today still calling out through scripture to the women of this generations.  She is speaking to women to stand.  To stand in “Great Faith Of The Risen Savior”. To rise above what is in the world and follow Christ. To be the leader that your generation needs. To bring the message of hope to all that are lost. To believe with all your heart that Jesus chose you to do His work in the world.  To love and honour our Father in heaven. Be all that Christ has called you to be and all that God has created you to be. Jesus met us on our road and pulled us out of the miry clay. He saved us from the world, from the torment of hell and from ourselves.

There is no greater life than the life that “Serves Christ”. Walk in the blessing that the Faith in Christ can bring.  AMEN   

Kingdom Blessings to You & May God Keep You in All Things Pertaining to Life & Godliness                          ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy ♥                                                                              

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10 comments on “The Legend of Mary Magdalene

  1. Well portrayed life of Mary Magdalene.

  2. This post has really helped me, more than I can explain. If Mary Magdalene overcame such public rebukes of sin and spent her life praising Christ thereafter, then that means the women of this generation have access to such hope in his salvation. Thank you and thank God for leading me to read this post.

  3. Hi Cindy Look forward to reading more from you.thanks.

  4. I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award’. Congratulations! I nominated you because your blog is SPECIAL for me, with the contents you bring out, and the particular style of your presentation, with depth and insights! Here is the link:

  5. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks……I like your site. God bless and good luck with your novel.

  6. A beautiful and inspiring article about Jesus and women who followed Him…I especially relate to the story of Mary Magdalene. *Thank you.*

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  8. I have read all your articles and they are all great. Thank you for all your hard work on this website. 🙂

  9. What a great piece! I always felt like Mary Magdalene never got the recognition that she deserved, as an Apostle of Jesus Christ. His relationship with her shows just inclusive His earthly ministry really was, and the fact that the first person He revealed Himself to was a woman, speaks volumes!

  10. Very interesting details you have mentioned, thank you for posting.

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