DIVINE INTERVENTION ~A miraculous moment

This is one of my testimonies of divine intervention by God that I encountered and I would love to share it with you all.  It takes place Early morning Oct 30/11

I must say I am not one to discuss moments of which I have been interjected into a situation of great distress; however I feel compelled to share this with you.  Tonight after leaving where I was I got in my car to come home around 1:30am.  As I am sitting there waiting for the car to heat up and the frost to go off my windows a young girl starts banging on my window and screaming for help.  She said her father had collapsed on the corner right near where I was parked.  I must say I am not a scaredy cat but I am also aware that some people pull cons like this to rob you or steal your car and I wasn’t in the best part of town, but when I looked at her I saw great fear and helplessness… So I went to help.  She handed me her phone when I got out of the car and said it was the 911 operator. The poor girl could not even tell the operator where she was. I went to her father and he was not breathing, He was not moving and I was having trouble finding his pulse.  His daughter was hysterically crying and asking if her father was dead. I reassured her that he would be fine and I started praying because I knew that the man was in serious trouble. She informed me that he had been drinking and took some drugs, He was 49 yrs. old and he had a previous heart attack, which his heart stopped and he had to be revived. The 911 operator asked me if the man was breathing, I was about to say NO when I heard the Holy Spirit say “Don’t speak those words…..Lay your hands on him and pray”. So I told the operator that his breathing was extremely shallow and his pulse was very weak.  She advised me that help was on the way and if I needed further help before they got there I was to call her back….and she Hung Up. At first I thought oh dear Lord what I have done!!! Then I just laid my hands on him and started praying. As I began interceding in prayer for his life I knew that God was with us; I heard the Holy Spirit say “Pray for the breath of life to be given to him”. He was reminding me of how God breathed life into Adam in the Garden of Eden…. So I did!!! About 10 to 15 minutes past and still nothing was happening; He was still not breathing. I did take a course in CPR many years ago so I decided to try CPR while I was still praying; as I was about to begin the man just took a gasp of breath….. his stomach filling up as his lungs were being filled with life. It was Amazing!!!  His pulse became stronger and I could see his stomach going up and down as he started to breathe normally again. Thank God!!!! In the meantime this young girl was on the phone calling her mother for help, screaming he’s not breathing; but apparently her mother was quite intoxicated herself and was unable to console the young girl.  I was having trouble calming the young girl down even though her father was breathing now. So finally the ambulance showed up and took over and I began to talk with the young girl; she was about 19yrs old and seemed to be more of the parent in her family than the child. I asked her if anyone was meeting her at the hospital and she said no.  This young girl could barely stand up on her own because she was so distraught and here she is going to try to handle this on her own. I felt very sad for this girl.  I had decided to go to the hospital with her to make sure she was ok. However her phone rang and when she hung up she told me she would be ok and that someone was meeting her at the hospital. So I said ok and sent her on her way with a prayer; letting her know that she is in God’s hands and that he will never leave her. I told her to just to hang on to God and let Jesus carry this burden for you. She thanked me and got into the ambulance with her father.

During this event there was an amazing presence of God and I must say I was extremely calm considering the circumstance. It was as time stood still and I was in this protective bubble that no space or time could invade. I could see everything all around me at the same time, taking in every part of the natural world but I was no longer operating in this world…..I was in God`s time. The gentleman`s body was on the ground but the silhouette of his spirit was standing next to him looking onward to the unfolding events that were totally out of his control.  It was truly a miraculous moment!!! Once God returned the breath of life to his lungs his silhouette began to deteriorate and the bubble around us began to crumble and time started moving again. There is no natural explanation for the occurrences that evolved that night. I only know my own experience and my experience is that this was divine intervention by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To God be the Glory…….Amen!!

May God Bless You and Keep You Embraced in His Loving Presence ♥♥♥ 
~Sincerely Rev. Cindy

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20 comments on “DIVINE INTERVENTION ~A miraculous moment

  1. Whao! That took my breath away thanks for sharing, Cindy.

  2. Hallelujah! Glory to God for your obedience to His Holy Spirit! 🙂

  3. Wow, this was an awesome story. I had a similar incident happen about a year ago, but I was at home with my two children and wife at the time. A young lady began pounding on our door in the wee morning hours asking for help and saying that someone was after her. I called the cops, stayed on the line with dispatch, but was leary about going outside in case it was a trap – so I did not. It still ended well with the police showing up and helping her out, but wow, what if I had been more Christ-like minded? I could have prayed with/for that young lady and maybe given her some hope during a dark moment in her life. I am glad you were faithful and trusting in our Savior’s protection and power.


  4. Thanks for sharing that wonderful demonstration of the reality of how God still moves and works through us when we obey and believe……..thanks

  5. AMAZING!! I love how God uses us if we’re willing!! God used you to perform His miracle!!!

  6. Thank you……..let’s keep in touch, SiS!

  7. Cindy I’m so glad you shared this I fully believe every word. I have had similar experiences, although not as vivid. this is beautiful.

  8. This was awesome Cindy. It reminds me of my dealing with my Mother in-law and a compound fracture she had. I will have to share that on my blog because it was supernatural calmness that overtook me that morning. 🙂

  9. *WOW I knew I had to come here and I’m so glad I am…Thank you , thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with all of us…I have become a full believer in that we should testify and bear witness real life experiences such as the one you wrote about. I didn’t always feel this way . But now I feel since we are a reflection of God’s works that its a duty to not just walk the walk..but to actually SHARE the beauty N wonder of his works in our actual lives. So again I thank you for sharing. I shall be back again N again to read more from you. Stay lifted N stay blessed…

  10. I love to hear of God’s “serendipitous” work in our lives. I love to hear stories about how He uses his children to help others in our fallen world. He lives! He IS among us, and He truly lives!

  11. Very incredibly AWESOME!!! I can feel The Presence even as I read your experience!!! May you continue to be blessed and used by HIM!!!
    Several years ago my brother-in-law was taken by ambulance to the ER and as the staff was trying to gather equipment for him, he was barely breathing and barely making it, everyone around including my sister,his wife and her children were beside them selves in panic-The still small voice spoke to me and told me to lay hands on his chest and proclaim PEACE BE STILL! I could not believe the PRESENCE THAT FILLED THE HOLDING STALL WE WERE IN AND THE POWER OF HIM SPEAKING THROUGH ME-it was as though time stood amazingly still and all that was in the area stopped what they were doing even nurses and other workers stood breathless- just incredible and then my brother-in-law just began breathing as normal!!! YOU COULD FEEL JESUS IN THE ROOM SO STRONG AND POWERFUL THAT LOVE SEEMED TO PERMEATE THE ENTIRE ROOM!!! The nurses and techs did not continue in getting oxygen and other things hooked up to him, they just stopped and waited on the doctor to came in and he did the routine exam and could find no breathing problems and as he was being dismissed the doctor said “A miracle just happened to you. This is not explainable, other than a higher power just touched you.” I know others felt it , but for me I will never be the same!! To GOD be ALL the GLORY!!!

  12. This is a beautiful story, Cindy. God works in ways our time/space minds cannot comprehend. We don’t have to. We simply need the kind of faith you demonstrated. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Cindy, surely the Lord kept you strong. We can’t even imagine the vastness of our God. You were a good servant and showed the power of God!

  14. Wow! What an amazing and wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it with us! God really is GOOD!

  15. To God be the ENTIRE GLORY! This was so awesome, and so necessary for me to read, as I speak life over my own husband. God is able! Thank you friend.

  16. Lovely ❤️🙏🏻

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