Praying for the Innocent Victims in Newton ~ SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY


Father we love you Lord and we know you are present in all things and in every season in our lives. We adore you Holy Father and we thank you for your grace and mercy. You Lord are our constant in a world that is spiraling in a perpetual cycle of groaning…..Crying out; for it is mourning the loss of its innocence and purity….its honour and dignity and its connectivity to its divine purpose in you Lord. Mourning in anguish over the present evil that has gained access to its human statesmen; for they have placed its profit gaining before the sanctity of human life and for their glorifying of its wickedness above our Heavenly Father. You Lord are still on the throne and are reigning in the hearts that know their King.  It is when the earth mourns from its tragedies that we hear their cries and rise to intercede on their behalf.

Father we intercede today for the loss of innocent life….taken in a moment by the evil adversary who attempts to destroy the dreams of your future generations Lord. Evil preys upon the innocent to victimize their spirits and attempts to dissolution them from their hope in you Lord. It is with great sadness Lord we acknowledge that our society has fallen prey to the enemy and don’t even realize that they have been placed under his spell of deceit.  Forgive us and our forefathers Lord who fell asleep on their watch. Lord we pray that these little lives were not sacrificed in vain but will bring about an awakening in mankind’s hearts and come to see the destruction of following its unfounded moral laws. We pray Lord for society to seek your face and resolve to adhere to the instruction of your living word, Lord; A word which is timeless and is as equally important today as it was when you breathed life into it.  We pray Lord that your Spirit shall rise in a magnitude of unprecedented proportions and demonstrate the Love of your heart Lord. We pray Father that your abounding grace shall penetrate the stony walls of mankind’s heart and revive the spirit of your truth that resides in there…. You Lord are the resurrection of all life.

Father we pray for the families who are suffering because of the infiltrated enemy. We ask Lord that you comfort them and hold them tenderly close to your heart. Speak words of love to them Lord; for it is only you who can help ease their pain….their loss….and the overwhelming bewilderment that is consuming their spirits. This unnecessary tragedy that has taken away or has changed these innocent victims’ lives forever; Lord it is unthinkable to our loving hearts… but it was not you Lord who orchestrated this plan….It was Evil.  Lord some may ask where were you, but to those of us who know you Lord understand that you were there in the midst of this horrific scene….EXCEPT for in the heart of the evil gunman that gave his life over to the powers of darkness and executed the plan of the evil adversary. You were there Lord… weeping for your children and their anguish. You were there Lord with the terrified hearts calling out to you. You were there Lord………..

Lord we thank you for all the brave hearts that became heroes and gave their lives to protect the lives of the innocent children. We thank you Lord that their valour is recognized by this world and has already been rewarded in eternity. We thank you Lord for hearing our cries and that you will turn this horrific event to bring about a change for the good of mankind and honour the lives of these victims.

In Jesus Name We Pray Amen

May God Bless You and Keep You Embraced in His Loving Presence   ~Sincerely Cindy

C. A. Livingstone (©) 2012


7 comments on “Praying for the Innocent Victims in Newton ~ SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY

  1. To few people are willing to call evil – evil. People ask why this could happen. It happens because God gives over to a reprobate mind all those who reject Christ. God allows evil because we live in a cursed world. It is heartbreaking to know anyone could do this and my heart is broken for everyone who is related to the victims.

  2. Please read Isaiah 41:10, strong words for comfort when all feels lost. Praise His Holy Name.

  3. It is hard to understand why something like this has to happen. During times like this I have to put my trust and faith in God the Father, and let
    Him do His work, and I pray that the Lord will send His love and grace and peace to all those who were affected by this terrible violence.

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  6. Interesting.. very nice Cindy.

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