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A story of inspiration to warm your heart this Christmas Season:

Santa Cross

It was Christmas Eve 1970 when the young girls stared out their bedroom window into the starlit night searching for Santa’s sleigh gliding through the snowy sky.  They were filled with excitement and anticipation while waiting for the morning visitation from Santa.  They had all sent their letters to Santa and were hoping that he would bring them their dream presents.

The two older sisters kept telling the youngest one that Santa was near and to keep looking up into the sky, they were sure that she would see him soon; however, there was something else shining in the sky that Christmas night that had caught her attention. As she gazed across through the neighbour’s yards;  out over the night sky her eyes rested on a beautiful yellow Cross shining brighter than any of the night stars. It was the Cross that sat on top of the local church. She had seen this Cross many times before however, for some reason it was exceptionally bright tonight.  She was very drawn toward its magnificence; as if it had some magnetic pull. She was only a six-year-old child and had very little exposure to the significance of the Cross. She had never been to church and had no knowledge of the message it contained.  She wanted to ask her  sisters but by that time they had drifted off into a deep sleep.

She just sat there eyes fixated on its brilliance as it continued to radiate its marvellous light toward her. She became elated with joy……like she had just received the most precious gift on her Christmas list. She heard God speak to her; He called her “My Child” and then it was like the light from the Cross beamed right out through that night sky and went right through her………warming her in a way that she could not express.

Earlier that day she had been deeply concerned about Christmas, she had been praying to God about Santa. She was worried that there wouldn’t be any dinner or presents under the tree Christmas morning. Her parents had been struggling trying to feed six children and many times they had been without food.  Her prayer to God that Christmas Eve day was somewhat of a plea of desperation; “God please bring my family a turkey dinner and if it isn’t too much maybe we could each have just one present from Santa”.

Somehow at this tender innocent age she knew that asking Santa was not really an option. She had heard the stories of how Santa only brought the good children presents and the ones on Santa’s bad list would just find a piece of coal in their stocking. She knew that the chances of NOT being on the naughty list were slim to none. She was quite a feisty child and was known to get into quite a lot of mischief. Somehow inside herself she believed that if Santa didn’t stop at her house it would be her fault and everybody would be sad because she didn’t make the nice list that year.

So she decided to seek God on the matter that cold snowy day. She wasn’t even sure of whom He was; all she knew about Him was the Lord’s Prayer that they taught her in school. She remembered from the prayer that He would bring daily bread. So she thought in her young child mind; “if He could bring them bread maybe He could bring turkey dinner and presents too”  She prayed with her tender heart turned sincerely toward God.

Sitting by that window wrapped in a blanket of warmth from the presence that surrounded her she began to drift off into slumber, encompassed in the arms of her Heavenly Father. She knew without a doubt that He would fulfill her prayer spoken earlier that day. She just knew……..

The next morning she awoke full of a new-found bliss and quickly woke her sisters who were lying next to her. We leaped out of bed and thumped down the stairs like a herd of elephants running from a mouse; to find a present under the tree for everyone!!  Santa had left her a beautiful red saucer sleigh, it had yellow trim and yellow handles. Her heart was filled with JOY from the present she received.  She was so excited and was now looking forward to flying down some awesome hills that winter with the BEST RIDE in town…..It was the COOLEST saucer sleigh ever!!                                                                                                        

Our Heavenly Father truly gives the best to His Children♥♥♥

And yes there was plenty of turkey dinner that year. Thank you Jesus…Amen!!

Remember there may be a child out there somewhere this Christmas season that is hoping on Santa. It is my prayer that every child and family is blessed by the Lord this season. If there is someone around you that needs help please extend God’s hand to them.


~Sincerely Cindy

C. A. Livingstone (©) 2012


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