The Spirit of Resurrection


Resurrection means to raise from the dead….to give new life, unlike revival which refers to bring restoration to an already existing life or state of things.  When we resurrect something or someone; we understand it is a new beginning…..it is the Spirit, the heart and the core of an existence within the soul of that person or place that has been brought to life. It is the virtual essence of God’s breath entering the lungs to cause the heart to pump new blood throughout the body in order for it to vibrantly function ….. It is a constant state of being fully alive!  God is giving the Spirit of resurrection to His church to breathe new life and hope into a lost generation……… A world in chaos!   I heard the Lord Say; “That in trying to capture man’s hearts the Church has disconnected from His heart and it is time for the Church to rejoin in unity as one Nation under God and turn away from doctrines created by man’s deception…. Our lives must reflect the Sovereignty of God….to reflect anything else would be an omission of His very existence”   Our Loving Father is opening the heavens to release a “New Day Spirit” upon His Church to resurrect the truth of His Kingdom.  A generational conversion will occur in the hearts of His true disciples…..their hearts will be turned upward toward their Heavenly Father. The lives will become fixated on the purity and power of His Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit. The resurrected heart will demonstrate the compassionate love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…they give it freely and without reservation.  The government was placed upon the shoulder of our Saviour Jesus and when He went to the Cross He transferred the mantel to His Church. The Church must be in right standing in order for God to move in society. God must deal with the Church before He will change the state of society because it is us whom He operates through in this world. The Church is the reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ and that mirrored state has become a little foggy; causing confusion in this morally detached world. If the Churches Heart is not connected to God how then can they recognize the Spirit of truth within its disciples?  It is time for the Church to seek Gods Heart…..for in it; the mysteries of His Kingdom are revealed to us, so that we may reveal them to this lost world. In God’s heart is an abounding love for His Church; A Love worth holding and A Spirit worth resurrecting.  (This word was inspired by the Holy Spirit and Ephesians 3:10)

 God Bless You and Keep You Embraced in His Loving Presence♥                                                                                                                                                                           ~Sincerely Cindy                                                                                          

C. A.  Livingstone copyright ©2012



9 comments on “The Spirit of Resurrection

  1. Thank you I enjoyed reading the Spirit of resurrection and what that means in my personal life Praise my God and Saviour for His Son and The Holy Spirit who lives in me.
    All so my wife is a cellist for the Amarillo Symphony and she enjoyed listening to O come ye Emmanuel with Piano/Cello.

  2. It is so true that God’s church is the very heart of His hope for us and there are changes necessary in order for this to happen….Diane

  3. So very true! Great word! I pray that this coming year we will see the changes coming about in His church that need to happen. That is also my prayer for my own heart. Blessings and a Happy New Year! Ann

  4. Thank you Cindy for your obviously Spirit inspired message and thank you for your “like” on my post over in No Greater Love. I will now be following you and I believe I have your permission to link Kingdom Messenger in my sidebar under Churches and Ministries. In Christ’s Love, Michael

  5. […] DO know that Kingdom Messenger blog was responsible for a couple of referral links, so many thanks and many blessing to Cindy […]

  6. Also…
    As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.

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