praying handsLord Jesus we call upon you to worship your Holy Wonderful Name….We thank you Lord that you are the way, the truth and the life; and that the adversary has been cast down under our feet. We thank you for the blessing of your Kingdom, Lord; the spiritual blessings, the natural blessings and the super natural blessings.  We thank you Lord for the divine intervention that you demonstrate daily in the world. We declare Lord that we are a blessed generation, and that all generations to follow us will possess an even greater abundance than our natural minds can conceive. We declare Lord that we are a prosperous people; prosperous in our ministry, in health, in family, in our relationships, in education, our gifting’s & talents, in discernment of the times, spiritual territories, in financial matters and in all things pertaining to our lives. We thank you Lord that you are leading us into our divine destiny and that all things work according to your purpose & plan. We declare Lord that all demonic anchors have been dissolved and our only anchor is to you Lord. We declare that all bondage by the enemy is severed and that we walk with the Authority & Freedom of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Father, we declare that the morality of this generation is shifting back to you…back to the purity of Godly character and representation of your Holy Nature. We declare Lord that your commandments shall rise and be the cultural norm….You will be honoured amongst all nations, Lord!  We thank you Lord that you have established vigorous, passionate men & women of God to speak and influence Worldly leadership.  Lord we declare that all government magistrates shall hear their words and act with accordance.  Lord we thank you for the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit and all the supernatural impartations of wisdom we are receiving.  We thank you Lord for your instructions obtained through the Holy Spirit and your written word. We thank you Lord for the divine protection of all our Ministry Leaders and we pray that you continue to sustain them in all areas of their lives. We declare that they shall walk with the perfect peace of you Lord and that no wicked thing shall rise against them.  We pray for strength in times of challenge, rest in times of chaos, wisdom in times of weakness, and clarity on all Spiritual & Natural matters. Lord we declare that the cultural relativism of society will shift and an Apostolic relativism will take its place & restore the order in this immoral chaotic society.    In Jesus Name we pray. Amen

  Forever in His Presence 

~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

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14 comments on “A Prophetic Prayer: ✞PRAYER FOR THE RIGHTEOUS✞

  1. Amen.
    I do pray every day that this wicked nation will turn from our wicked ways and ask forgiveness for our sins and He would forgive us and hill our land.
    Thank you for this Prayer.

  2. See my series on Signs and Symbols. This nation will not turn from its wicked ways, it has become the land of Egypt, and we have a new president who has come to power who knew not Joseph. Our new president is the king who took power knowing not the Lord and what he has done for this nation. Now comes the ten plague, but we have Psalm 91. God has shown me that he will be doing great things for his people as he did in the land of Egypt. We are set apart unto the Lord preserved by His great mercies.

    • Yes God is separating the wheat from the tares and raising up His Remnant. God Bless♥

      • What do you think about this post? I believe we have strayed away from this point.


        • There is a difference between being a Christian and being in Christ. Christian was a term giving to the church by the religious sect of the day back when Christ was crucified. There is a religious spirit operating in the church today that can be used by satan. Those spirits are the ones who bring condemnation to the body of Christ. They are rigid individuals who want to control you, God will correct us but it is always in a loving manner and those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth understand that this is a process of sanctification. Generally I find that if a person who comes into the presence of a true follower of Christ will be either changed by being in the presence of the Holy Spirit or they will rebel and bolt; This is why we our given discernment by the Holy Spirit. It is satan’s objective to destroy the church and he will find a breach in the wall where ever he can. Always remember to fight the battle from a position of love and that we are wrestling with the spirit behind the person and not the person themselves. They usually don’t know they are being used because of their own lack of knowledge. However there are also those who have been assigned by the enemy to come into churches and bring chaos and we must be watchful. Always remember God gave us dominion and authority over the earth by Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. We have power over all demon spirits. God Bless and enjoy your week. ~Sincerely Cindy

  3. What a wonderful prayer! A prayer to strengthen our faith and to those around us…Thank you for a heart-felt prayer…Many, many blessings to you…Robin

  4. A wonderful prayer with the right revelation by the grace of God- thank you


  6. Beautiful thoughts, Cindy! Thanks for stopping by 365 Days of Promise! xx

  7. thanks for friendship have a good day;;;dot

  8. Great prayer! I loved it! God sent me, via through Sebastian, to read this and now I can see why!
    God Bless you, Cindy!

  9. Very powerful and anointed prayer, flowing from the Inspiraion of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Cindy with love and blessings

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