The Gift of Healing

The gift of healing is a supernatural ability given by the Holy Spirit to remove all sickness from the human body. It is given for a specific instance of healing whether the healing is instantaneous or gradual. Throughout time God has given this gift to many great individuals such as Maria Woodworth-Etta, Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Katherine Kuhlman A.A. Allen, and Smith Wigglesworth to name a few. They are considered to be God’s Generals and were blessed with  healing miracles during their services.  They were Spirit filled individuals who diligently sought after God’s presence and anointing for the healing power of the Spirit to operate in their services. They were obedient servants of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, yielding themselves to the presence of God. They were humble servants and always gave God the glory for His healing miracles. Katherine Kuhlman once said “ It is not our ability to believe that made the sickness to go but rather the faith which God imparted to us through his mercy. “

We must have faith in the gift which God’s Spirit has imparted into us. Our Lord wants all His children to seek His gifts and operate in them. We see throughout the ministry of  Jesus that he healed the sick as written in Matthew 9:35 “And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.”  Jesus was anointed by the Spirit to heal as written in Acts 10:38 “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.”  The Holy Spirit was with Jesus and operated through him. The Holy Spirit operates in this same manner through us.  We Know that the gifts are given by the Spirit and we know that we have the ability to operate in the gift of healing because it is revealed to us  in   1 Corinthians 12:9 “To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit.”  The Holy Spirit is still present in the world today, therefore our ability to operate in the gift of healing or any other gifts are still present and available to all who seek them.  God is looking for HUNGRY, FAITHFUL SERVANTS!

Why do we seek to heal people? What compels a person to want to have such a gift? I don’t know what it is for everyone else, but for myself it started when I was a little girl. There was much sickness in my family both mentally and physically and I was constantly praying for God to “fix them.” I did not know what was wrong with them I just knew that someone had to help them and for some reason I knew that only God could. My passion for wanting to help heal people continued to grow. In my teenage years I volunteered in the hospitals and was involved in fund-raising for international year of the child to raise money for the local  Children’s Hospital. I would visit the children in the wards and just befriend them while they were in the hospital. There was one young boy who had cancer and watching him suffer was quite troublesome. One day I came to visit him and his room was empty. I thought that perhaps he was better and went home.  I found out that he had passed away and It broke my heart. I thought if only there were a way I could have helped more…..I did not think he should have died.  I also volunteered  at another local  hospital. During my service there  I would usually be appointed to help in the burn unit and psychiatric ward because no one else would want to go in those wards. It bothered me somewhat  but I would just think about how hard it must be for them and that would give me the strength to endure the smell of burnt flesh and the disorientation of the patient’s minds. I would pray for them all. I wanted God to “fix them.” There were many more incidents throughout my life in which I came across people who would just need God to touch them and heal them.   I have lost close friends to illness and there was such a feeling of helplessness to watch them suffer;  I did not know God or about His healing power at that time, but I was always praying to him for others to be healed.  Then one day the battle fell directly onto my doorstep  when I fell ill with lupus. During my battle there came a point in which the doctor’s did not know what else to do to help me, they were basically just giving me all kinds of drugs and had given me no hope for a better tomorrow. At the time  I was a single mother and the thought of leaving my child in this world on her own was unacceptable. So I began my long journey to help find a solution. I tried many alternative healing methods and I did find some relief though some herbal medicine and some other therapeutic medical treatments. Although, I did find some relief from these treatments, I was not healed…..I had done an exuberant amount of medical research and gained much knowledge, but I was still not well and the battle was wearing on my body, my mind and my soul. Exhausted from the battle and with nowhere to turn, I began to seek God and that is when God brought me to VICTORY!!!…….    I got saved and found out that Jesus heals. I immediately began seeking this Jesus that I did not have a relationship with at that time for a miraculous  healing. I came to prayer service; I had people pray for me. I was diligently praying. Then it happened…..One day,  I came home from work and I could barely make it up the stairs because the lupus had begun to attack my body at full force and I was so weak.  I fervently sought God and reminded Him that I was healed by the stripes of my Savior Jesus. I reminded Him that He had  called me out of the darkness to bring me into His light and He gave me the power to heal and was calling me into the healing ministry and that in order to profess the word of healing effectively I needed the manifestation of His word within my own  body.    That night, I went to bed in a state of destitute and excruciating pain, I fervently prayed for God’s intervention, I had enough of sickness. Through the night as I slept  I had a dream….I was in a large room filled with the peaceful presence of God. The room was filled with the scent of sweetness like a maple tree that is filled with sap, There was a breeze blowing through the house and the silk colourful curtains were waving all around. I was surrounded by some heavenly bodies……One came to me and placed there hand right through me into my stomach and pulled out a big black tar like substance. There was such warmth when her hand went through me and I felt such peace. She did not speak in words from her lips, but she did communicate to me that I would be alright now. Then I awoke, rose up and I was healed. I had no pain in my body, all the rashes were removed from my body and I had a surge of energy that I had not felt for a very long time. After living in pain for eight years it was the most amazing feeling to be freed from that disease. I thank the Lord every day for the blessing of His Son.  What the Lord Jesus has done for me I believe it to be my calling to do for others….. To heal the sick and deliver the captives from the deception of the enemy; To yield to His Spirit and serve Him, so that He may bless others with His healing miracles through me.

We as believers in Christ must set ourselves apart and seek to develop a more intimate relationship with God. We must come out from the world and crucify the flesh. It is a process of transformation by the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit gives us life as written in John 6:63  “It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.”  As we draw closer to the Father our spirit becomes stronger and we begin to only crave the things of the Spirit. The Spirit wants to give us the gifts as we see in  1 Corinthians 12:11“But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will”  We must earnestly seek the gifts, with a true desire in our heart to be used in them. We must pray for the release of the operation of the gifts. We must have the word of God and rightly divide it.  R.W Schambach gives instructions in his book(The Price of Gods Miracle-Working Power) on how to obtain miracles in your ministry, Now the working of miracles is a separate gift from the gift of healing, but sometimes they work together. These gifts are both under the category of the Power gifts. To allow the Spirit to work through us we must pay the price. In the book it teaches us that we must decrease, so that the Spirit can increase. We must present our bodies as a living sacrifice. This includes self-denial  and resolving any personal things in our lives. We must be a partaker of His Divine Nature. A person can receive healing in many ways; We can lay our hands on them for their healing, We can pray,  We can speak the word of God. We can send them an anointed prayer clothe,  We can bring a person into an anointed service and just by being there the Holy Spirit can heal them.  The Lord is truly amazing and works in many ways!!!!

With all the  knowledge that we possess of our Lord and His Spirit and the blessing of His wonderful gifts…. why would a believer  not want to operate in them? Why would they not want to have that anointing of God and to serve Him…… To bring healing to a person is to restore their quality of life,  It gives them an abundant life.  Their joy is restored, their hope is restored. They can look towards a future and start to believe in their dreams again. The devil no longer has power to rob them. God’s word. reveals this to us in John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Wow! being a part of bringing healing to a person is the best gift that we can receive. Knowing that the Holy Spirit has used you in such a profound way is a great blessing in your life. To receive this blessing you must first sacrifice and submit yourself to God. In today’s world most people want the blessing but they don’t want the work that goes along with receiving it. They don’t want to give up there comfortable ways. We as believers in Christ  should always want to be more like Him. We must yield to the voice of the Holy Spirit and put away our worldly ways. If we all yielded to the Spirit,  God could move mightily in this world. We could be witnesses to the greatest move of God since the birth of His Son. We could bring healing and deliverance to all who are bound by the enemy. This is my desire for mankind, this is my prayer for the world. In Jesus Name. Amen.                                                                         

May God Bless You & Keep you close to His Heart ♥     ~Sincerely Cindy   

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18 comments on “The Gift of Healing

  1. Amen Cindy! One thing about the Apostleship, the proof of an Anointed Apostle must show the miracles of God within the ministry. I tell all of His flock within the ministry not to thank me, but to thank God, praise God, bless God and give God all of the glory and honor, for it is His power and I am just His vessel. We can not boast – as all power belongs to God. The joy and blessing I receive is the joy and thankfulness of the member of the ministry who has received their miracle! Praise God and thank you!

  2. Great topic! Not many people especially saints believe in healing, and it’s sad because Jesus said we are healed. I have always believed in His healing the moment I asked Him into my life. My mother was healed of Breast Cancer never once did she have to take treatment, God divinely healed her. The Lord healed me recently in 2012 from Cancer in my Colon, never once did I have to take any medicine. God is our healer and we must speak healing to our bodies. When I get even a pain in my body caused by fatigue I lay hands on myself and pray and within moments I am healed. I thank God for His healing power. AMEN

  3. In your last paragraph you said “to being healing to a person is to restore their quality of life, it gives them an abundant life” this was a stopping point for me as I was reading and enjoying your post. I had a quiet yet powerful moment within my spirit. I felt alive in a new way probably similar to the way you expressed from the day you were healed. This post changed something in me and opened something for me that I cannot use words to explain. Thank you for your wonderful words and your lovely spirit

  4. Cindy!! This is so for me! God has given me the same gift (along with others), and I have been asking God some of the same things you asked. I have seen with my own eyes His healing power in me for others, but I have had some battles with receiving things for me (in my heart). I have asked for complete healing from some things and asked God to perform “His surgery” on me not man. One day, my husband was fasting and God told him that I was to sleep alone with nothing on (TV, lights, etc), but to listen for Him because he was going to perform surgery on me that night. I thought for sure I would have some sort of spiritual dream with a huge revelation, but nothing. I slept very well, but I didn’t dream a thing. However, when I woke up I believe I saw evidence of His work, I had one eye that was usually slightly protruded outwards do to a thyroid condition. The eye seemed to be smaller now. I am looking forward to seeing ultrasounds confirming God’s hand has restored me. However, you know how the enemy tries to keep feeding you lies.

    • I am so happy that that this encouraged you….God is our great physician and I believe that healing is for us all. Keep standing in faith and declare heath and wholeness over your entire body. God loves you Kenita, Take Care ♥

    • I am happy this encouraged you….God is our physician and healing is His gift to us all. Keep standing in faith and declare health and wholeness over your body…
      God loves you Kenita; take care♥

      Prayer for you:
      Heavenly Father we thank you for the gift of your precious son. We thank you Jesus for taking up the cross and bearing all our sin & disease; For dying on the cross, for your burial in the grave and for the resurrection of life. We adore you Lord!! Father we thank you for your Love, May we grow in it & Walk in it. May it cause us to be a better person for you Lord. Father we pray for our dear sister Kenita today; we thank you that her thyroid is restored to perfect health & that it will remain healthy every day for the rest of her life. Lord we declare all effects of this issue are broken and her eyes and other areas are healed. We thank you Lord that you will continue to sustain her in all things pertaining to her life. She will grow in strength in mind, body & Spirit…. She is NOT hindered by any plans of the enemy to oppress her in her Godly life. She will continue to be a prosperous disciple of the Kingdom & grow into a greater servant in Christ. Lord we declare that our dear sister in Christ is healed and that the spirit of infirmity that is attacking her must depart from her body. Father we thank you that we walk in your divine presence & are blessed and highly favoured by our Heavenly Father. In your name Jesus we Pray. Amen ~Sincerely Cindy ♥

  5. This is such a truth .. it is a challenge to walk in and believe in healing because so many look at circumstances and not the word. I am currently standing for healing in my body now and have had to carefully not reveal to others my issue because they automatically go to the worse senario and are prepared for your dying — even tho they profess to believe in healing! I refuse to doubt.. I refuse to question .. I am standing on my faith and God’s power – only. Speaking to my body, commanding it in the Name of Jesus to be whole and restored. Keep speaking out the truth. God bless you.

    • Amen Liz….standing is the best position to fight from. God bless and we are praying for you♥

    • Liz! I stand in agreement with you in the Name of Jesus’ and plead the blood of Jesus over your body, for we both know, that by His stripes you were healed at the creation of the foundation of the planet – therefore, your healing is indeed done, and it is in the spiritual realm – (walking by faith), until the Lord walks you to the point in time in the physical realm (not by sight), when you will be able to feel the manifestation of the healing in the physical. But, I praise, thank and bless God for your healed body, in His most precious and Holy Name, Amen! It is done! Shalom!

      Most people also do not realize is that when they go to the doctor, and they can not find anything wrong – that means that God already took care of it! Praise God!

      • Thank you…yes the links do come up in Pdf format and I will read through these. I did end up going to seminary as per led by the Holy Spirit and yes I did learn a lot of religion there….but I also learned some basic fundamentals that helped me. I did not grow up in the church so I got on God’s accelerated program and studied very hard to catch up to those in the church….although my greatest lessons have come from above and the leading of the Holy Spirit by way of revelation. My first encounter with Christ was at the age of ten however I did not understand then and I had no one to show me the way, so I kept it to myself for many years. I have many experiences to share with others and I hope to write them through a book and this site.
        May God continue to bless you and your ministry 🙂

  6. Please pray for my mother Carrie Thomas, there is a diagnoses of congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy( weak heart muscle, irregular heart rate, and edema. She is in the hospital. Doctor report is they have done all, and that she is not responding to the medicine, her heart is functioning at 20%, but we stand on God’s word in that she is healed will live and not die. Today, the doctor want to send her home hospice to die, but I believe she as well this isn’t over, God is in it and there is no limited. I believe her medical records will be stamped inexplicably healed and miracle. This is for His glory, she will be a living testimony. My whole family believes she speaks of her healing in spite of how she feels. It seems the more we declare God’s word, she “seems” to get worst.

  7. Email correction

    • Heavenly Father we lift dear Carrie up to you in prayer tonight, we thank that your presence is surrounding her and you are embracing her in your loving arms; providing her perfect peace. We declare Lord that by your grace and healing presence encompassing her, she is restored to perfect health & that she will walk in it every day. We thank you Lord that although the doctor’s report is not favorable we know Lord that you are a God of favor, we thank you Lord that your hands are holding her heart and restoring it to wholeness.….. She will live and be a stronger woman for you God. Lord we declare that she is healed and that this spirit of infirmity that is attacking her must depart from her body; every issue in her body is replaced by the fresh oxygen of your Holy Spirit Lord and that she is healed. Lord we pray for her loving daughter Chanda; we ask that you post your heavenly hosts around her and provide comforting peace during this trial. Lord we thank you that we walk in your divine presence & are blessed and highly favoured by our Heavenly Father. In your name Jesus we Pray. Amen ~Sincerely Cindy

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