The Heavens are open and the ages are crying out to its leaders “As was once in the days of past…….. Is still possible in this slumbering apathetic world!!! ARISE…. ARISE!!!”    A new generation of Generals are being birthed into activation to be the “Empowering Voice of the Lord” to revolutionize this secular humanism; self-evolving, individualistic society.  We who are fully awakened in the Spirit of Christ are the hope for this desperately comfortably numb generation.  We are visionaries filled with a heart of passion; who crave for the Kingdom of our Lord’s virtue and morality to reign in this discombobulated world. There is a great need to restore to order the simplicity of Love and the embodiment of unity amongst the State and God’s Kingdom. The spirit of this age is losing power over the veiled people of its nations and the Radically Simplistic message of Love will reform their hearts. It is not a new message…. it is the message that has stood the test of time from the foundation of the world.  It is the message written in the Holy Book, it is the message spoken of by the Prophets; it is the message of the Saviors Love.  Our Lord who left His perfect home in Heaven  to come down to this earth to bring the Father’s Kingdom message of Uncomplicated, Pure, Love; it is the greatest message ever recorded in History.  It is the message of more than just a mortal man!!  Jesus the Son of our Heavenly Father arose to take His Kingdom position here on earth to demonstrate the authority of Kingdom Love…. It is a Royal Agape Love…..It is the constant in the entire universe.

While the earth was entrenched in silence for four hundred years through the Dark period in the land of Israel our Lord’s Love was still present. The Kingdom of Heaven was preparing the way for its greatest revelation to be brought forth.  It was preparing the hearts of the nation to receive the Holy Wonderful Loving, Son.  It was a period of conditioning man hearts to recognize truth and the liberty of love that truth brings.  The Saviour’s Love is Liberating!!!

The world today seems to have fallen into a deep sleep; void from hearing truth.  It almost seems impossible for a state of slumber to exist in such an ever evolving fast paced world; but unfortunately it does.  The world has fallen into a period of darkness, blinded by the lurker of this modern-day. It is a world filled with riches of magnificent proportions but yet they are starved on a daily basis. They fill their lives with material possession but their hearts are still hollow caverns, echoing whispers of an eternal love; forgotten.  Loves voice will never be silenced for it is the seed of eternity formed in us in our mother’s womb. It is the breath of our Fathers eternity….A promise to return us home!!!

God is calling His Saints to ignite the seed of His Love found in the hearts of this hurting humanity; A society which has purchased with their great riches, the lies of a fallen angel.  An angel with a seared light cannot reveal truth…. for there is no truth in darkness, he is only mimicking the light.  Saints it is time to Reveal the True Light of the world. The light that expounds across time to breathe Love and Life into everything He touches. Our Lord Jesus Christ is Alive and dwells in us to bring restoration to all who are humble enough to receive His Precious Love. Our Lord has branded our hearts with the Love of His Holy Spirit. He has activated the eternal seed in us to bring His Kingdom Love to this silent generation.  It is the “Shared Vision of Hope” for the nation’s restoration that will bring about “The Power to Turn”; the power to move a society out of the darkness and into the light of Love.

In Jesus Name Amen!!

May God Bless You and Keep You Embraced in His Loving Presence ♥  ~Pastor Cindy

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5 comments on “THE POWER TO TURN…..

  1. Most excellent and thank you! With the new laws that have been passed by the Supreme Court Justices – I prayed and held my tongue and I have faith that God will change it all since He is the Appellate Court and over the courts of men. I shall not give up and I will hang on my Lord’s Word which is the foundation that I stand on. After all, Obama may be president but Jesus Christ is my King, and I belong to His Kingdom alone as a citizen of the Kingdom of God and He is in control and rules all things. Jesus has never left the throne, and the Kingdom of God is NOT a democracy! Amen!

  2. Well if anyone deserved the Inner Peace Award it would be you! Congratulations you’ve been nominated for two awards that one and the Liebster Award. Please check out the rules on my webpage posted today.

  3. Wow. God used you to speak Life and Truth. What an Honor. What Power of words you write. This needs to be heard gotten out there i muse re-blog it.
    i Pray my blog Speaks life to all who read it. May it Glorify God ALONE

  4. Reblogged this on my God's Grace and commented:
    God is not our earthly dad’s God is the CREATOR OF LOVE. EVRYTHING FROM HIM STEMS FROM LOVE

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