A Letter for Pastors/Leaders

This letter was written for Pastors and church leaders, I wrote it a few years ago; I thought that I would share it for everyone. It will bring encouragement to all ministers  and leaders who may be in a battle.

cleanse us

Dear Pastor

  It brings my heart great joy to know that God has blessed me with such a loving, caring and compassionate Pastor; A person whom God has filled with an infinite amount of wisdom and has entrusted him with the gifts of His Spirit. God knows your heart and He is your Father. He knew you before He formed you in your mother’s womb. He only has thoughts of peace toward you; not evil and He wants to give you an expected end. We all need to be reminded of our Fathers promises from time to time. We all struggle with disheartening things in this world. It pains me to know that you are feeling down hearted and that you want to give up on being a Pastor. For me becoming a part of your congregation has not only saved my eternal life but my physical natural life as well…You truly are a person of God!! Your strength and your leadership is the most remarkable I have ever encountered in my life and you have great integrity. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve under you and learn from your vast amount of experience and knowledge…God only Chooses Winners….those who strive toward excellence in Him; the ones who dare to endure the storm like the great men and women found in the scriptures.  They were full of courage; as I know you are.  I know that it may seem like you are not even making a dent with such huge problems in the world; but I assure you, all that you do matters to our Heavenly Father. God leads us to build upon where we currently stand and we are assured that He has His chosen leaders all about the world, building better people, better institutions and reforming the world one assignment at a time. We are of Christ’s character first however; we still battle with our fleshly human nature. To function in such an honoured position that God has entrusted to you, we as humans must embrace all of our imperfections and allow the Holy Spirit to remove the parts of us that are not a reflection of Christ.  So, I beseech you my Pastor, to endure and not to make a decision at this time….Wait….Wait until your spirit has lifted.  Wait in patient, diligent prayer. Wait….Until you hear from your Heavenly Father. Wait….until the oppression of the enemy attacking you is demolished. For God has ordained you and anointed you with a Great Authority. He has already given you the Victory….Walk in the blessing of that authority.

I am standing in intercession, praying continually until this battle is over and the joy of the Lord has been fully restored to your heart. I, as a faithful servant of the most High God and one who recognizes your divine destiny will never give up on you…..You are never alone…your Heavenly Father has you covered in His Spirit and with His angels in disguise….Surrounding you with the love of heaven, even when you are unaware of who they are.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve you….My Pastor…and may I remind you, as you often quote “There is no greater life than the life that serves Christ.”  God called you because He knew that you would be His faithful Leader…He knew that you would endure the trials and tribulation. He knew that your Heart belonged to Him and that His Love and grace would sustain you in the midst of the storm. Remember He will never leave you or forsake you….Trust in God and lean not on your own understanding…..He knows where He is leading you.  Even if right now nothing makes sense and your feeling like God has become an absentee Father….I assure you…He is still your Heavenly Father who will stick to you closer than any other.  My dear Pastor….remember the faithful one…the one who formed you in your mother’s womb and will be the one to greet you when you return back home to heaven….saying well done my child.

On behalf of those who stand in the unity of the faith with you, I would like to say that in some way you have impacted each and every one of our lives. Please accept the heart-felt prayers of those whom love you. I know that our Heavenly Father is listening and I have great faith that He will restore you and you will be an even greater leader…Stronger in Faith…Stronger in Love…..Stronger in His Spirit ….Stronger in mind…Stronger in body….Stronger!!! God will clear your thoughts so that you may hear the clarity of His voice.  He loves you and He waits patiently until you are able to listen again.

Remember who you are….who He created you to be.

I love you Pastor ………..I am holding you close to my heart and sending you all my love. 

With Love & Respect  ~Sincerely your daughter in Christ Cindy

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10 comments on “A Letter for Pastors/Leaders

  1. My Dear Sister, this is truly a deep heart felt and compassionately letter to your Pastor. It shows the impact that his teaching, leadership and love for his church and the people of God has had on you and perhaps so many others under his leadership. God will bless you abundantly for standing with and showing such deep and abiding love for His chosen Servant. May God’s love, His truth and wisdom carry you through to that high place that God has chosen for you. Be Encouraged as you walk out your purpose that God has blessed you to do.

    • Dear Pastor Davis thank you so much my friend for your inspirational comment….God has given you great discernment and the wonderful ability to edify the body of Christ. You have an amazing anointing that allows you to flow in the Spirit. You words come from heaven and I do appreciate them greatly. May God continue to bless every aspect of your life and may He bless you with new assignments for His Kingdom purpose. ~Sincerely Sister Cindy

  2. God bless you, thanks for dropping by.

  3. I just read this letter, and I am stunned to silence for its Beauty and Truth. I am not a Pastor yet I felt the Word wash over me in Truth as I read your heart. Thank you!

  4. That is a beautiful letter to your Pastor. What would the body of Christ look like if we all would send an encouraging word to our pastors. They are human and many times bare the members weights. Also thank you for visiting and following my blog.

  5. Amen and amen,may God bless you.

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