The Shepherd ~My Compass

Psalm 23 May God continue to pour His Love and Blessings into your life

May you receive fresh revelation of His truth,  

May His Goodness and Mercy abound in your life,

 May you remain embraced in His loving arms and 

May God protect you in every  moment of your natural life.

~Sincerely Cindy

~C. A. Livingstone (©)  2013  


4 comments on “The Shepherd ~My Compass

  1. I love your picture Cindy- awesome!

  2. I really need your prayers. Health problems, my stomach and more..please keep praying for me.

    • Heavenly Father we pray for our dear sister today, we thank that your presence is surrounding her and bringing her peace during this season of trial. We declare Lord that by your grace and healing presence encompassing her, she is restored to perfect health & that she will walk in it every day. We thank you Lord that you will continue to sustain her in all things pertaining to her life. She will grow in strength in mind, body & Spirit. Lord we declare that she is healed and that the spirit of infirmity that is attacking her must depart from her body. Every issue in her stomach must leave and be replaced by the fresh oxygen of your Spirit Lord. We declare Lord that every aspect of her digestive system is working as you designed it to work…perfectly. Lord we thank you that we walk in your divine presence & are blessed and highly favoured by our Heavenly Father. In your name Jesus we Pray. Amen ~Sincerely Cindy

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