The Knots Prayer

2 Knots prayer



7 comments on “The Knots Prayer

  1. Excellent my Friend. God bless You!

  2. Beautiful!! I need to share THAT one with family! You know, the devil’s lie through them “you are not going to be able to do that …..” that is okay, though they are Christians..they truly do not KNOW my God!! Amen?!

    • Oh I hear you…Family can be quite a hindrance when used by the adversary. The only thing we can do is to intercede and trust that God will give them the true revelation of Christ. God Bless!!

      • Amen – so true. I rebuke the demon that speaks the lies through them in the Name of Jesus and keep on marching, knowing that God keeps His promises and no demon in hell can steal a blessing and God does not lie – therefore, what I have prayed for – I shall receive as He has promised me in His Word and according to His Grace and glory. It states in the Word that all He states is yes (yea) and Amen (to our prayers – but religion will teach you a lie), and His only Will that pertains to us is to say “thank you.” As it is written, we are to pray for what it is that we need – know that we receive it immediately in the spiritual realm and then thank Him for the receipt of the blessing immediately (answered prayer), and walk in the physical realm until He walks us to the point in time where we are able to touch and see it with our physical senses. But many Christians want to believe what they see and not what they do not (the spiritual realm ), which is the actual truth – because t is the physical realm that is the deception. The enemy knows that man wants to believe what his/her body feels, hears ,sees, etc – and in return, getting you to block your blessing flow. Because if you do, you lack in faith. So, if a person does not see it, then they supposedly do not have it according to their mindset – which tells God that they do not trust Him to provide it, thus paralyzing His power in their life. Why would He do for those who do not trust Him..would you?

        It is all about renewing of the mind and changing ones mindset to the Word of God alone (which is spirit), and nothing of this world – which is the devil’s playground.

        The spirit just led me and I am giving Him the glory in something, so I will not steal the thunder in teaching here.

        Agape’ Sister in Christ and keep up the great work the Lord has assigned you to do! – to teach His truth alone, praise God.

        Apostle of Jesus Christ Solael

        • Well said my friend…too many times people are led astray by religion. However God has His remnant in place to reveal the truth and to rise with the power of His Spirit. The seasons are changing and the status quo will change with it. The religious strong hold will be broken and we shall see the move of the Spirit even greater than it was at the day of Pentecost.

          Abundant Blessings ~Sincerely your Sister in Christ

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