The River of Life ~Exhortation and Prayer

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Revelation 22:1 And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal,  proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb.

That  pure river is the His Holy Spirit in you and flowing through you from the Heavenlies to expound into all the earth and reveal the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you have the river of life in you it brands you with the insignia of heaven….You Belong to Heaven and heaven becomes your signature…Everything you do or say should reflect the Kingdom of Christ and the purity & power of our resurrected Lord.

The enemy try’s to get us to build dams in our lives to stop the river, He uses our emotions, our circumstances, friends, our families and yes even our brothers, sister in Christ. ….. Building a dam will bring you into Spiritual Famine….It stops the flow of the water (His Spirit) in your life.

The water starts to dry up just a little bit at a time….them a little bit more, and more. The thing about gradual reduction in your water supply is that You never miss the water until the well is dry.

So I say to you today…although there may be a Spiritual famine in the Land…. famine is the servant of the Lord. For it is in that parched place that the thirsty cry out for the rain of heaven to flow once again… in their lives, their communities, the churches, the nations, and in the world. All who stand in the truth of  Christ are given the power to release the Kingdom Reign into the earth.

Will you stand in Truth and with the Purity & Power from the Lamb that was slain for you, to release the Living Water Once again into the earth…. Sometimes a little word spoken can make a big difference…it causes a little fracture to open and makes the dam to break wide open.  

It is time for Change Saints!! Today we must send a degree forward into the earth and declare that the Living Water Shall Abundantly Flow in Our Lands Once Again. The Resurrected Saviour is NOT dead but Alive and moving in us and through us. Release the Spirit and Break the Dam!!!


Father we lift our eyes to you…..You are where our help comes from, You Lord are Holy and Pure and we adore you Father. We love your presence Lord and we welcome your Holy Spirit into every aspect of our lives. We have been called out and chosen for your purpose upon this earth, we walk in the blessing of all of Heaven being by our side. We thank you Lord that it is your Spirit in us that will bring about the change that is needed, in what seems impossible in this earthly realm. Your Glory will shine and it will be the beacon of hope in these parched lands. May we be immersed in you Lord so that they only see you working through us, May we see all that you see,  teach us to breath and walk under water in the river of your presence, to live in the dimension of the miraculous. To Live in the heavenly realm here in this earthly world. Lord we thank you for the blessing of Life Eternal and the Love of our Heavenly Father….may we continue to grow in the greatness of your love and bless all of the earth with your glorious Love.

In Jesus Name We Pray!!! Amen

May God Bless You, Keep You and Prosper You in all things   ~Sincerely Cindy

C.A. Livingstone ©2014 All Rights Reserved (see sidebar for copying instructions)


6 comments on “The River of Life ~Exhortation and Prayer

  1. Amen! Let the Holy Spirit be the super in your natural! Better yet, live and walk in the spirit because then you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, or do things in accordance to the world’s way of doing things. You will surely stand in truth! Praise God!

    Thank you again Cindy!

    Much love and many blessings,


    • Its always a blessing to hear from you… Yes we should always walk in the Spirit and let His divine presence work the miraculous through us.
      Love & Blessings to you as well, Apostle Solael

      • ..and you always put a smile on my face. The love of the Holy Spirit that is within you, comes through the computer!!!! But you know..He is the living God, so of course… 🙂

        I love you in spirit and in truth, in Christ’s Eternal love Sister in Christ Cindy,


        p.s. Only a true Apostle will teach from the Word of God and not veer from it! WE can not, because it is the Holy Spirit that is within us that is teaching His flock. So, if anyone states they are an Apostle and is teaching what is not in the Word of God, then it is of Satan. You have shown evidence that you are our Lord’s Anointed Apostle (Anointed meaning the power of God is within you to teach His flock). I am always suspicious at first of anyone who states that they are an Apostle, but I always watch and listen. You have proven that you are our Lord and Savior’s true Apostle and I bless His Holy Name in thanksgiving for introducing you to me, for my spirit quickens like the babe in Elisabeth when Mary came to visit her while pregnant with our Lord, God and King!

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