Holy Dove

The Holy Dove is looking for a place to land…a fertile ground with willing fruit to release an Epic Explosion of His Purity and Power…. He is looking for unity without uniformity…A place that has not conformed to the world and will be transformed by His presence to usher in a Glorious move of Heaven on Earth; A place that shatters the ground underneath it and transforms the atmosphere around it. A central point to move His church forward into the Kingdom of God and away from religious man-made doctrines, for His Kingdom is not a doctrine…but a tangible place that is all around us. There are places that will become Heavens Epicenters on Earth; like it was in the tabernacle… the presence of God shone and stretched forth far beyond the human eye.
 An Epicenter in a geological sense is the place in an earthquake that is directly above the point where the fault begins to rupture, and in most cases, it is the area of greatest damage. However, in larger quakes, the length of the fault rupture is much longer, and damage can be spread across the rupture zone. In a Spiritual Sense, an Epicenter…. is the place where the Holy Dove Lands causing the Spiritual Realm to supersede the natural and alters the environment directly in the place of contact and spreads outward into the atmosphere; sending ripples of waves that can be received by mankind’s spirit, creating an Epic Dimension.
When the Holy Dove lands, His Spirit will literally move us into An Epic Dimension…breaking down the walls of religion, and filling the hearts of mankind with His Majestic Love; In His Love all things are possible!! It will be a time to Revive His Heart in the Land. With the heart of Love WE CAN move mountains and bring restoration!! In His Power WE CAN heal this land and break the chains binding the souls of mankind. It is a monumental event that does not bring about a movement but alters the destiny of religion as we know it. Movements come and go; however the presence of God is forever and it is through our willingness to surrender to Him that causes dimensional eruptions to occur and affect our everyday lives and our destiny as a church.
It is time to Stand on Higher Ground and demonstrates the Power and Purity of His True Love…. It is time to allow the Dove the resting place He seeks so that through Him we may be effective Kingdom citizens here in this earthly realm. It is time for us to open up the tabernacle, so that His Glory will be witnessed once again and that the church will continue to be the marker for others to follow, after we have gone…We are the Church of Christ….We are not a movement!! We are eternal and are called to carry the inheritance of Heaven into this earthly realm…It is time for corroboration to occur in the body of Christ…to face the church forward and align our hearts with Heavens.

For His Glory, In Jesus Name….

Love & Blessing
Revivalist Cindy Livingstone


C.A. Livingstone ©2014 All Rights Reserved (see sidebar for copying instructions)

10 comments on “THE EPIC ENCOUNTER ~A Prophetic Word

  1. Girl, you better let God use you! I just did a new vision board in on that board I have a dove resting on my forehead as representation of the Holy Spirit resting up on me, and I been asking for the Dove. I’ve been asking for the Holy Spirit to move in me and throw me. so I just bless the Lord for your post. I pray that you are blessed and highly favored in Jesus name Amen

  2. Praise God Cindy: The first time I saw the Holy Dove was in 1999 – and the second time was when I moved to GA to learn the truth of God! Now I know why! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Thank you Cindy for this prophetic teaching! It is perfect, right on time, and truly edified with what the Lord has done in exactness in my life since 1999 when I first saw the Holy Dove – to 2003 when I was taken up.

  4. “For His Kingdom is not a doctrine…but a tangible place that is all around us.” Amen. Well said. God’s Kingdom come on the earth as it is in heaven…through us! Blessings.

  5. Hi, Goodmorning. I hope you’re well.I’ve received your wonderful msg.God is great. Nowadays, iam reading the word of God and try to understand it.its my pleasures that I am talking to you.Dear if you’ve asked to God about me you can share it with me.iam waiting for your great support and prayers. God bless you more and more. With the bundle of prayers.

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