Friends Along the Way….

 a love above

Early this morning I was out for a walk on the trails, it was a beautiful, peaceful morning….Nature is my gym!! I was about 1 km away from the end of my journey when I came upon an elderly woman; she was stopped on the bridge that crosses over the creek. At first I thought that she was just resting…it’s a nice spot to stop to catch a breath of fresh air. Then I noticed that she had a cane and was trying to pull down a branch off an overhanging tree to get some flowers. I stopped to chat with her; and she asked me if I could help her get some flowers. So I climb up on the rail of the bridge to pull off some flowers for her. They were her favorite flowers she said, they kind of looked like lilacs but were white. She held them up to her face to take in the scent of them and smiled, but had a tear in her eye at the same time. She went on to tell me that her late husband used to pick these and bring them home for her. She said he passed away almost a year ago. She them told me that she was 81….I would have never thought that by looking at her. She said that her and her husband would walk every day until he couldn’t walk anymore. The cane that she walks with was his…and that she only started having trouble walking this past year and started using it. As we walked together back toward the entrance of the trail, she was relaying her fond memories of their life together. I noticed that as we walked and talked she began to lean on the cane less and less. I began to realize that the cane was not so much of a physical support for her, but an emotional one. I believe that in some way having that cane gave her the sense that her husband was still walking with her; that she still had his loving support and that the scent of the flowers filled her heart and her house with his presence. She was surrounding herself with the love they once shared.

It was long walk… that last bit of my journey on the trail this morning, but taking the time to listen to this lovely lady was a blessing!! She inspired me with her love story and reminded me that it is the simplicity in life that brings us the most meaningful moments.

So as the saying goes: Remember to take time to stop and smell the roses, or any flower.

Have a Blessed Day ~Sincerely Cindy  ♥   Rev. C.A. Livingstone



6 comments on “Friends Along the Way….

  1. I get it! Sounds like we use the same trail, although I know we don’t! But if it’s not outside, it’s not an enjoyable workout for me! Many divine encounters along the trail- such a picture of life!

  2. Shalom. You meet an angel i feel pressed on my heart. The best part you showed Love, Jesus to her. What a testimony of God at work in His people. Thank you for sharing this

  3. Good Morning Cindy! I just got in from work. I went to my tablet to check my mail. I clicked on your message, and I’m blessed. I did because it was so encouraging for me in what I read. God knew I needed this; so beautiful, and very touching. Thank you for sharing, I needed this. Agape! Have a wonderful day Cindy.

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