Divine Interjection ~A Prophetic Vision


Divine Interjection – May 10/2014

Most of you know that God can speak to us in dreams, there are many different types of dreams but when God is speaking to us in the night; the anointing is always present in the dream. We dream so that we may work out our daily issues; the things we encountered in our waking hours… which is a normal course for all of us. Then there are the prophetic night visions just as Joseph and Jacob had in the book of Genesis…If you have ever experienced one you will know right away the difference between your everyday dreams and divine interjection into the sleep realm. I say all this to bring you a nightvision in which the Holy Spirit has given to me. I have many prophetic dreams, as well as visions while I am awake… But I rarely share them. However I am feeling led to share this with you. Take it as you will, but I believe it to be God revealing the condition of our modern-day organized church and Gods will for it. I will start by giving you the dream and then I will reveal to you what God was speaking to me through this dream:

In the dream I was driving in the downtown area of a major metropolitan city, I could see smoke coming from in-between some buildings; so I decided to pull over to investigate. As I approached the buildings, some new construction and some other buildings, I could see large flames. At first I thought the fire was coming from a building that was just being constructed; So I thought well at least no one is living in there and would get injured, but then I could hear people crying for help!!! As I rounded the corner to come closer to the buildings and the fire, I realized that it wasn’t the new construction building, but was in fact a smaller building beside it filled with occupants and engulfed in flames…Some of the people were rushing out, but some were still inside unaware of the danger. I immediately tried calling 911 but the touch buttons on my phone were not working….I was becoming highly agitated!! Then I could see a large crowd coming toward the building and they were all wearing the same tee-shirt that said “Christian” but they were in different colours. They weren’t doing anything they were just there!!! I started yelling at them saying “Why aren’t you helping” So they started praying…. Now, I was even more irritated!! So I began to run toward the building….the landlord was there in the front of it and said that I couldn’t go in, but I pushed my way past him and told him to call 911. It was horrifying…no one was trying to help!!! I got into the building and it was filled with smoke. I made my way over to the intercom buttons and started pushing all the buttons to warn or wake up those that hadn’t left the building yet. The buttons were not working…I looked down and I could see all the wires hanging loosely and were disconnected. Then, I began to look for the fire alarm, but I could not find one…So I started to yell as loud as possible…trying to warn people to get out of the building!! I looked down the hallway and I could see the flames start to travel rapidly towards me, so I ran like the wind to get out of there… As I got to the door there was an explosion and I was thrown out of the building. I got up and was unharmed. The fire crews were now on the scene and were hosing the fire. but it was too dangerous for anyone to go back in. The Christians were still praying…. with a few of them now helping, by wrapping people in blankets and trying to comfort them. I looked back toward the building fully engulfed and I could hear the screams of those who were still trapped inside…At that moment, I begun to see many people emerging from the building…. I was the only one seeing them….because they were deceased. I could see chains wrapped around them and their flesh was all burnt and they smelt like sulfur. Then I saw dark forms all around them…they were hideous creatures and they were holding the chains of these people. The ground opened in front of them and the creatures began to drag these people by the chains into the opening….They were screaming a scream that no human should here….They were going into eternal torture. I began to weep and I looked up to God, asking why?? As I looked up I could see some angels with a few people who died in the fire, these people were covered in the glorious light and the angels were taking then home to God. I began to look all around me taking in every inch of the scene….I was filled with great sorrow!! The fire was extremely hot and they were warning us to move back….I begun to feel the extreme heat and then I woke up. Upon awaking my body was on fire….from head to toe…it was like I had a sun burn and my skin was not cooling down.

Then the Holy Spirit began speaking and interpreting the dream to me!!

HE SAID: The metropolitan city was a representation of a lost immoral society; the new construction building is the beginning of a reformation in society and the church. The smaller building caught in between which was on fire is a representation of people who sit on the fence …. Some will be saved and some will perish. My inability to see the fire at first is our inability to recognize and hear the silent desperate screams of the lost. Those who ran out of the building at the start of the fire were covered by the grace of the prayers that had gone up into the throne room prior to this event. Those who did not leave had no one interceding for them, so they did not hear the sound of the Spirit warning them of the danger. My inability to dial 911 and becoming agitated represents our human helplessness in the moment and that there is no warning in our final call home…so you must always be prepared and stand on the side of the Lord. The Christians coming in crowds wearing different tee-shirts represent the many different denominations. They only seem to put their differences aside and gather when there is tragedy….the fact that they are standing there in the beginning doing nothing denotes confusion because of religion. Then, finally joining in prayer because it was something that they all do, no matter what their doctrinal differences are. Running past the landlord and into the burning building represents pushing past the governances of this natural world and walking by faith into our destiny in Christ…no matter what the cost is. Being in the smoke-filled building without the intercom or fire alarm working is being disconnected from our conveniences of this world and learning to walk in the Spirit. The raging fire on the inside of the building is Gods intense passion trapped inside man’s religious hearts, waiting to be released. The explosion as I was running like the wind out of the building; denotes the coming renewal of great power by the Holy Spirit…it will thrust mankind into a new atmosphere. The fire crews represent the world and they will try to drown the presence of God. The few Christians who covered the people in blankets and comforted them are symbolic to the true believers in Christ…who will uphold the truth of God’s word in this season of chaos. The enemy is always trying to keep the lost and those weak in their faith in chains, but as we continue to look toward heaven we are reminded of the angelic protection and the Glory of Gods eternal love. Sorrow in this life is only for a season but we must not forget to be the beacon of light for those lost and weary. We must not sit on the sidelines and allow the enemy to enslave anyone in chains. Upon awaken feeling as though my skin was on fire is symbolic to His presence moving from the inner part of mankind’s heart to be released through the body…for the world. We must release the fire…it is
imperative to our very own survival, or it will become drenched by the fireslayers of the world. Amen!!

This is a very condensed version of what was revealed to me in this dream…there is an even greater revelation however; I don’t want to write an entire book here, I just wanted to give you a message from heaven.


Love & Blessings ♥ ~Rev C.A. Livingstone


C.A. Livingstone ©2014 All Rights Reserved (see sidebar for copying instructions)




16 comments on “Divine Interjection ~A Prophetic Vision

  1. This is wonderful and frightening at the same time. I pray that the Holy Spirit emboldens us to truly seek the ones who have lost their way, and lead them to -or back to-the Lord. I can’t wait for the rest of the revelation which I hope you will share when you can.

  2. Yes Lord!!! I believe it, and I am going to share it because the Holy Spirit has been revealing things to me as well. Loved it!

  3. Very powerful. I, too, have been given dreams. Three dreams in a row with the same scenario but with different people groups in various geographical areas. It was then confirmed with scripture over and over to write. Write and share how to help teens and children, specifically those in Christian families struggling with children in crisis. Already, God has brought forth part of that prophetic dream. It will be interesting to see how everything is fulfilled by what I saw and experienced. I often pray for God to continue to impart His vision for me to see and to share what He has for me and how to be an impact for Christian families. We are living in a world that is spiraling out of control and I believe we are entering in the end times. We need to do all that we can to save and rescue the hurting and those in crisis. Thank you for sharing your dream and God’s interpretation. God bless!

  4. Very powerful indeed and a warning for all of us. Thank you for sharing what the Lord put upon you with us.

  5. ~Glory be to God! There is much I can say… God will, and shall keep His Promises. We as the believes as well being warned… We must continue about Gods purpose. Its about lost souls to be saved. We must be obedient! Amen! Agape!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Cindy. We are in the early stages of a national Great Awakening.

  7. Paul said these are the last days, but truly, a nation that turns from God will not be blessed

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