1 1 Merry Christmas 1
On Sunday, I had the opportunity to speak at a small gathering…. And normally at this time of year as a minister of the gospel you would usually deliver a message of the birth of Christ. However I really didn’t feel led in that direction; in the traditional sense of the message. Many people I have been speaking with over the past few weeks have been having great struggles and their Spirit toward Christmas is pretty much null and void. There is so much pressure surrounding this festive holiday that people often lose sight of what this season truly represents.
In a conversation with a close friend recently she said to me “Cindy I have never met anyone who has been knocked down so many times and still gets back up and rises each time with hope and a smile” She went on to use the illustration of one of those children’s clowns punching bags that you keep hitting and it just keeps popping back up. I am sharing this with you because I used this in my message on Sunday…. To demonstrate the power of hope and how Christ is the center of mankind’s hope! Hope is not the same as faith, so often the two are lumped together into the same category….Hope is the foundation in which faith operates through; Hope is the essential ingredient that fuels the flame of faith. Without hope in your heart then your faith will basically flat line…Jesus is our hope not just at Christmas but in every second, every minute and in every hour of the day!! And His birth resembles the hope we see in humanity. He was the first gift given; His life was a seed to be sown for humanity. My message entailed far more detail than what is writing here, but I just wanted to give you the basis of how God works through a hopeful heart before I reveal the miracle of the message.
Through the course of delivering the message there was a younger lady who was crying; not in a loud sobbing way but more of a silent desperate cry. I proceeded in finishing my message on hope and the power of Christ in our hope; while trying not to focus my attention on this lady. After finishing my message they took up a love offering to give to me and as they were placing their money in the plate I heard the Holy Spirit say “this offering is for her” So when they brought the offering over to me, I first prayed a blessing over it and for those who sowed their seed…then I asked that young lady to come up…As she stood in front of me, I said to her “Your Heavenly Father wants to bless you today by giving you this offering” She began to sob, with a heartfelt sob that was making me want to cry. She proceeded to say that she had been out of work for a long time and that her and her husband split up last year and that she is in a season of great loss and she has two children and its Christmas and she didn’t have much for them. She was like that child’s clown getting punched!! She went on to say how she had been praying and hoping but she didn’t have a lot of faith. But God…Heard her hopeful heart crying out!! See and that wasn’t even the best part, because we were a small intimate gathering…everyone heard her story and some came over and gave her more money. It was truly the Spirit of Christmas raining down on us!! We were all so blessed by His great presence!! So today remember to keep hope alive in your heart, stay strong in your faith and open yourself up to receive the divine moments that God has waiting for you. And remember it is the season for ‘Peace and Goodwill towards mankind.

Merry Christmas, God Bless You and Enjoy Your Day ~Rev. Cindy


C.A. Livingstone ©2014 All Rights Reserved (see sidebar for copying instructions)


  1. I felt my heart drop when you told of how God use you to bless that young lady. How awesome is he in the way He loves and moves amongst us. Praise our Living God! wow

  2. Amen!! Sister Cindy thank you for sharing this blessed story…and that is what it is a blessing. God is a Blessing!! all the time…He blesses us, and we are to be a blessing to others…God bless you!! Shalom!! \O/

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