Prayer- The Year of Divine Favour


Lord we lift our hearts to you today and sing praises as we step into a New Year which has already been written in the heavens for us. We adore you Heavenly Father and we worship your Holy Presence. You are Alpha and Omega; You are the Splendor that shines across the horizon of each new day. You are the whispering voice that moves across space and time to ignite the spirit within us. You are the solid rock that strengthens our weary ways…We trust in you Lord for You are Faithful. We Glorify You!…..We Honour You, for You are our Heavenly Father who sought us out of our darkness and brought us into your Marvelous Light. We Bless Your Holy Name…Jesus!!

Today Lord as we move forward into the New Year, We declare that we will stand in peace and harmony to be the best servants, witnesses, students, teachers, counselors, friends, companions, husbands, wives, and children of the most-high God. We declare Lord that your love shall fill every cavern in our hearts…And that love will build in us the strength and courage that is needed to achieve optimal success for the Kingdom of Christ. Lord we will walk through this year with our eyes wide open…We will be witnesses to the wonders of your miraculous creation in every moment!! We will stand in your strength releasing the power and authority that you have entrusted to us, so that we may demonstrate the purity and love of your Kingdom here on earth. Lord we declare that with you all things are possible and that we will achieve all the possibilities that unfold in this coming year. We will move forward in your abounding grace to be the light in a world which only sees darkness…. to be your hope in a distance, decaying world. Lord you are the lover of our souls and you bless us with your sweet adoration, only as a Heavenly Father can. May our spirits always hold a humble gratitude toward our Precious King; for without you we would be lost in the enemy’s web of deception! Lord, may we speak your word with the boldness of roaring lion, but for those who have an ear, may they hear your word as a soft loving lamb. May we stand in your wisdom and understanding in every encounter and may we express who you are effectively, so that no spoken seed shall be lost.

Lord we declare this year to be a year of divine favour!! Wherever you lead us Lord, there shall be an open blessing waiting for us…to advance us Lord, so that we may advance the Kingdom of Christ Jesus. We declare Lord that we will be an expansion of your Regal Reign, and that we are your Royal Priesthood, chosen for such a time as this. We will Rise to Ignite the hearts of those who are nullified in your great nation and to pursue an inquisition of reformation in the secular world view. We will be your humble, powerful servants, who for the cause of Christ shall surrender our wills, so that your will shall be done!! In Jesus Name We Declare and Pray!! Amen.


Happy New Year!!! May God Bless You and Keep You in all things pertaining to life and godliness.     ~Sincerely Rev. C. A. Livingstone


C.A. Livingstone ©2011-2015 All Rights Reserved (see sidebar for copying instructions)

5 comments on “Prayer- The Year of Divine Favour

  1. I have prayed this “with you, Cindy”. Thank You

  2. Good Morning my friend, it is Monday and the beginning of a brand new week. Just stopped by to wish you a joyful, peaceful and blessed week as you walk into your Divine Destiny living FREE from the restraints of the world and doing the will of the Lord. Thank you for continuing to follow our ministry and bless my soul with your presence and knowing that I can come into your presence and always find refreshing words of wisdom and comfort. Enjoy your week in Jesus name…

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