A Letter of Love…

night on the river

A Letter of Love….

Love is many different things,
No two people express it the same way.
It sees through the eyes of the heart,
And knows the sound of its own voice.
Love is Inclusion,
It does not divide but unites to conquer,
It is acceptance and respect in spite of differences.
And it possesses a boundless amount of forgiveness.
Love Stays Open,
Even when the gales of a raging storm flows in.
Though it may bow the sails of the ship it does not break them.
It may test the water with its wrath, but it does not drown them.
Love is Ownership,
Not is the sense of possession but rather in the sense of responsibility.
It cares for and tends to the burning embers of the infused hearts,
Constantly fueling and refueling until death do you part.
Love is Mysterious,
Always searching out new depths hidden within the soul,
Discovering the inner chambers of concealed treasures,
To revive the hearts flame once more.
Love is Pure,
It does not break down but builds each other up.
It waters the seed of love daily like the fresh morning sun.
It holds true through every season, standing firmly on its ground.
Love is Foundation,
It is the cornerstone that erects the home,
It thrives like a vine sprung forth from a well seeded garden,
Filling in every possible crack with a new seed of hope.
Love is Enough,
Though the world may glow with glamour and entice you into its affair.
Remember it is like a revolving door without a moral compass,
That cannot even compare with Loves Majestic Light.
Love Owns Time,
Once love is truly encountered it has no end.
It cannot turn away from its own reflection,
For the heart of the one becomes the heart of the other.
Love is Eternal
It is more than the manifestation of emotions,
It is spirit to spirit connected to the divine.
Infused together by our creator.

~Sincerely Rev. Cindy Livingstone


Are You Loving Enough….Are You Loving Fully??

C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2017 (All Rights Reserved -See sidebar for copying instructions)


8 comments on “A Letter of Love…

  1. Beautiful , God certainly is love

  2. A beautiful letter for all and I was wondering if you needed our mailing addresses to receive your “Letter of Love”?

  3. Rev. Cindy,
    Although it’s past Valentines Day , I found your love poem very beautiful and applicable to any day. You’ve make it plain to me that all love emanates from God’s character. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post. Blessings!

  4. Beautiful expression in words and art/spiritually…simply Love…Splendid! ~ Blackbutterfly Expressions (Vannessa “Blackbutterfly” Garrett)

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