Encountering the Supernatural…


With the spring season upon us and the weather warming up it is time to be outdoors enjoying the sun. And that is exactly what I did one warm Sunday Afternoon a couple of weeks back. Around the beginning of April on this exceptionally warm day I took the opportunity to go for a nice long walk on the beach. As I am walking I always enjoy engaging in a conversation with the Lord and this day was one of those times when I was experiencing a heightened sense of His presence. I began to ask God what is it today that He wanted to reveal to me. And He answered “come and sit with me for a while” So I proceeded over to an area on the beach where there are large rocks that go out into the water. I climbed upon the rocks and went out to the end and sat down. The rocks were warm from the sun and the water was extremely calm. So I sat for a while waiting on the Lord and He began to reveal to me my first encounter with His divine presence!!
I was six years old and it was a hot summer day…The night before I had spent it at my neighbour’s house with two of my sisters; they were our friends who we often played with. That night I was restless and I could not sleep, plus all I could smell was the chocolate macaroon cookies that my friends mother was baking downstairs and also I kept hearing the noise of the fan we had placed in the window to help cool the room down…it was annoying!! There were five of us sleeping in a small bedroom. My friends mother came up and gave me a cookie…it was the best, it just melted in my mouth!!! Then, I finally fell asleep and we all arose bright and early for a trip to the beach that day!! I was so excited!!!
We packed the car up with all the beach attire and the picnic lunch and we all jumped into the station wagon…there were eight kids and two adults. We didn’t have seat belt laws back then and we were all piled on each other. We got to the beach and we found our spot and hurried to set up for the day, so we could get down to the business of having fun. The sun was hot, the sand was hot and the water was perfect…it was just the right temperature and very calm!! Although it is better for body surfing when you have some waves…we certainly found other ways to entertain ourselves. I loved to swim and I was a pretty good swimmer even at the young age of six. As the day progressed we were in and out of the water, Me I stayed in a lot. I was out playing in the water with just myself and my one friend who was also six years old. He was getting tired and wanted to go in to the shore but not me…I wanted to explore deeper waters. So I proceeded out farther. I went too far and I began to panic…I started swallowing water and I turned to go back toward the shore and I realized I was all alone out there. I started to yell for help but no one could hear me…I was choking on the water and flailing around like I didn’t know how to swim. I kept screaming each time I could catch my breath, but the water was overtaking me and I was drowning. I remember the last scream and then I just started to sink to the bottom of the lake…I was looking up, I could feel the warmth of the summer sun beating down in the water and I had my arm extended toward the sun reaching for it…then everything went cold and black as I sunk lower, I felt trapped; I remember closing my eyes and feeling full… then a great peace and brilliant light was all around me…I was no longer afraid!! I felt safer than I had ever felt in my life. Then out of nowhere I felt someone’s hand on my back and they were pushing me forward and up. Then I felt one last giant push as if a huge wave had just came up out of nowhere and pushed me in to where I could stand up on my own and my head was above the water. I hurried back into shore and got out of the water…I stood on the shore with my hands on my knees coughing up the water, but I had my eyes up looking out over the water…The water was dead calm and there was no one there!! My friend starting coming toward me from down the beach, I asked him “didn’t you hear me screaming for help”…”who helped me”…He said “’he was over at the picnic area with all the other kids and did not hear or see anything”. I asked him to look out over the water to see if he could see anyone…he responded with “there’s no one there” It was strange…I knew someone had helped me, but I never understood who that was, I knew that someone was with me in the water on that hot day, but it would not be until now that I fully understood who was My Helper, My Friend.
Sitting on the rock and looking out over the same water now years later; watching the reel of memories being opened up by the Spirit was an amazing moment!!. My Lord said, “my angels I have given to watch over you…they have always been with you and will always be with you until you return home to me”… That day it was the Lord’s angelic host who pushed me safely to shore. He has been right there all along… even when I did not know Him. Although it was my first divine encounter that I can remember…it certainly would not be my last!!
When I look through the threads of my life that join each moment to the next, the one thing that I am sure of is that the supernatural is more real than the natural could ever possibly mimic. I have always had a propensity toward the Spirit Realm, but I wouldn’t understand until after many encounters and years later that it was all part of Gods plan and purpose for my life.
I am thankful for God’s love and ongoing care….I cannot breathe one single breath without Him. He is my ever-present Friend and Saviour, one who never leaves me or forsakes me.To God Be the Glory!! Amen.
May God Bless You and Keep You Embraced in His Loving Presence
~Sincerely, Pastor Cindy

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5 comments on “Encountering the Supernatural…

  1. Beautiful. I truly believe He does have a plan for our lives.

  2. God has His angels watching over us and ministering to us. Yes, the supernatural is real.

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