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A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit put an old song in my heart called “What the World Needs Now” It goes on to say What the World Needs Now, is love sweet love, It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of, What the World Needs Now, Not just for some but for everyone!!
With all the contention in today’s world, between the social and religious disparity it’s difficult to find an even ground in which we can agree upon… The battle lines are being drawn once again; as in previous points in history causing distorted views and dissension within humanity. People are fearful of the future and are in need of “Authentic Leadership”….. If ever there was a time for a “Paradigm Shift” that time is NOW!!!
Our words are powerful…They can alter our perceptions and effect the world around us!! So it is time to change the negative conditioning set by the media mind melts, and re-condition our hearts to a position of Faith. It is time to reclaim your freedom and embrace Love.
The Love Fast….Today we start a forty day journey that will transform our life and reset our human conditioning. The Love Fast isn’t about giving up on love, like most fast that require you to give up something; It is quite the opposite!! The Love Fast is about teaching us to “Feast on Love” so that the negative connotations of life will dissipate and cause love to rise in our hearts!!
Each day for 40 days, there will be a simple post for you to ponder throughout your day. Take each post and find a way to insert it into your day. When you feel negative thoughts rising in your mind…Remember the post and overturn the negative thought with the positive love thought for that day. Love is language that knows no boundaries…Practicing love affects all aspects in your life. It enlightens your mind, heals your body and elates your spirit. It sets you free from old wounds, and allows you to live your life in peace.

Welcome to “The Love Fast” I look forward to taking this journey with you all. ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

For Daily Post From May 22 to Jun 30 Click Page: https://cindylivingstoneministries.wordpress.com/the-love-fast/

Day 1

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