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PRAYER ~Love Intercedes

Day 14Interceding is defined as the act of stepping in on behalf of another who is in need of having someone else petition for them. To petition for someone is to present their case to another or in the instances of prayer it is to intercede to a higher authority; Our Lord and King, Jesus!! As the love fast continues there are those who are in need of intercession today. Interceding is to open your heart to heaven and send your petitions forth for those in need and those you love…even the impossible ones. Love always intercedes!!
Today I stand in intercession for all of you; Lord you are the glorious creator of our universe and we adore you Heavenly Father!! Our hope is in you Lord; I am thankful for His Grace and Mercy that has been poured out over our lives and ask that He continues to hold us in His skillful hands. Lord today I stand for those who are seeking you; may they see your glorious face and know your agape love… A love that is abounding and overrides all space and time!! I stand for those who are blessed; May they continued to increase in all things in life and godliness. I stand for all the families; May they hold love and unity in their hearts towards each other. I stand for those who are battling illness; May you embrace them with your divine love and heal them from whatever is ailing them. I stand for those who are struggling. discouraged or disillusioned by life’s circumstances or people; May they know that all things work for your greater purpose and that you will bring full restoration into their hearts. I stand for those who are unable to forgive past hurts; May they know that your love will bind up their wounds and allow life to once again be filled with joy and peace…and may they know that although someone else caused their pain, forgiveness releases them from the bondage of that prison. I stand for those who are in need of  financial blessings; Lord, may you make a way where there appears to be none! May you open up the doors of opportunity for new or better employment, investments and monetary gifts. I stand for those who are alone or lonely; May they know that you are always with them and may you open the doors of friendship and unite their hearts with others. I stand for those who are grieving; May they take comfort in knowing that their loved one is at home in heaven, basking in the blessings of the afterlife. I stand for those in need of direction; May they know that your Spirit is their compass and may they follow your voice which speaks to them in their hearts and lights the path for them. I stand for those who are being influenced by unhealthy substances or addictions and negative spirits…May they be freed from chains of darkness and receive the favour of divine intervention. I stand for those who are emotionally burdened and logically confused; May the dove of peace rest upon them and shower them with your wisdom and love. I stand for those who are in leadership; May the Lord encompass you with His strength and courage, May you always be a reflection of His principles and truth…And may you lead from a position of peace knowing that every action has an echo in eternity. I stand for those in need of a Saviour…May they know that you Lord Jesus are knocking on the doors of their hearts; waiting for the invitation to come inside to fill the chambers of their hearts with your light and love. I pray that they open that door and receive the greatest gift that this world cannot offer.
I stand today with the authority of my Blessed King interceding with love and expectation, Knowing that all my petitions that I have placed upon His throne are received and that decrees from heaven have gone forth for each and every one of you releasing the favour of God into your lives.

In Jesus Name, I Stand and Pray Amen!! ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

The Love Fast: https://cindylivingstoneministries.wordpress.com/the-love-fast/

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