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love arise

Today completes the 40 day love fast….I have had many join in through my web site and various social media sites. One of the questions that I was constantly asked throughout the 40 days is why didn’t I post an exhortation along with the scripture for each day. Well firstly my reason is that I wanted each day and scripture to be a reflection of something in your life to ponder and secondly I have written devotions for each day and I may do an e-book at a later point in time, so I wanted to reserve my exhortation for then… Although, today I will share my devotion.


Love knows no boundaries…it looks through the eyes of the heart to see the beauty that is in each individual…It states; I am Love and because I love I can live my life without the walls of race, gender, age, or religion!! I can embrace love because I was created by my Heavenly Father who is love and is for love. I can live each day knowing that though the world appears to be in chaos and moral calamity; His love still flows from the depths of the hearts of those who believe in the value of life and liberty through the blessings of the eternal cross. Love is not withheld from those who seek it…it is not illusive!! The Kingdom is for all mankind; you only need to open yourself up to that quite knock that you hear tugging on your heart. Love is vocal…it confesses its commitment with praise and acknowledgement. Love takes action…it does not sit idly by, but embraces those who are in need of love until love becomes the only reflection that they see. Love honours each new day with a vibrant spirit opening the way to receive what God has ordained for this day. Love lays aside its own agenda so that it may fulfill its divine purpose. So today I challenge you to live, to seek love and allow love to achieve its destiny in you.

Be Blessed and Enjoy Your Day ~Sincerely Rev. C.A. Livingstone

The Love Fast – 40 Days https://cindylivingstoneministries.wordpress.com/the-love-fast/

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