The UNIFIED VOICE ~The heart of Heaven

Cindy Livingstone Ministries® Revivalist


Recently I have been looking at the words “Shout to the Lord” and examining what it means to really shout out to our Heavenly Father. As a worshiper of God and a teacher/preacher of His word; I am always seeking new revelation. It was once said to me that I should not preach Gods word because my voice is too soft, even if I was shouting it would not be heard!  My first thought was; I wonder if they know about this invention called the microphone???  However, I just politely smiled, did not respond and walked away; I wasn`t about to be drawn into a negative debate over a trivial opinion. I know my God and if He needs my voice to be carried over any significant distance….He can cause the sound of it to echo for miles, I only need to open my mouth and speak.  

I was…

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2 comments on “The UNIFIED VOICE ~The heart of Heaven

  1. Hi, Cindy! I am always so blessed by everything you write. Today was not exception.

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