A Word from the Spirit…”The Plot”

Hand of heaven and hell

There is a difference between a person who falls into sin and people who intentionally formulate a plot to sin!! One is a demonic influence that preys on our human vulnerabilities, which we all have in one aspect or another and it can cause any of us to fall …If you say you don’t have any weaknesses; well then lying and denial is your blinding flaw!! The other sin is much more sinister in nature and it is a satanic influence!! It is the incarnation of Satan operating through those who see only through the eyes of Pride and Self-Righteousness! It is the Judas that rises among you to enforce the plan of hell within your midst!! We all know what happens to Judas in the end…It was a short lived glory for him who betrayed the Son of God and the one who was his truest friend!!  To know that Satan has to go to such lengths to bring destruction into a life is actually a ‘Badge of Honour’…He doesn’t plot this extensively for just anyone; unless of course, you are a direct threat to the kingdom of darkness!!  Remember you are the light to rise in the nation; you have been giving all authority to drive the darkness out of the land!! Your heart is not one of a mere Emotional Christian filled with foolish reactions to the Dark Ones schemes and schisms …Your heart is as my Risen Son, filled His Heavenly Love that has been called into righteous action!!

 👼 Go Be the Light 👼

Love you all ~Pastor Cindy 💞

C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2016 (All Rights Reserved -See sidebar for copying instructions)


5 comments on “A Word from the Spirit…”The Plot”

  1. I love this ministry, I thank God for what He had been using this great woman of God, to do in the life of many, and the greater grace that is upon her life, i pray may the lord uphold you, and protect you, and your household in Jesus Name. I will like to join this ministry, to be a part of what God is doing in this ministry.please if my request is granted kindly let me know, am also a man of God, ready to do the work of the lord to any level, bless you.

  2. Awesome, powerful post. I loved this message and the picture… which I would love to use it one day if possible. I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your posting. Thanks Cindy!

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