When Life’s Undercurrents are too Strong….

raging waters

It was with sad hearts that the friends and family of William Johnston (Will) said goodbye to him today; Will was close friends with my niece Selena and her boyfriend Alex. He was a young man who was full of life and always clowning around…He loved life!!! He moved to London Ont. to start college in the fall and was looking forward to his new adventure!! He was a kind and generous young man who was loved by everyone who knew him!
Last Thursday, July 14th is a day that will be etched in the memories of all who knew and loved him. While having a fun day at the beach with his girlfriend in Port Stanley; Will ran into some trouble when he was swimming…and was pulled into an undercurrent. His girlfriend who was with him tried to save him, but soon found herself pulled into the troubled waters as well. The lifeguards were able to pull her out, but in spite of all their valiant efforts; Will was lost to the undercurrent and could not be found. His body did surface three days later and today surrounded by his family and friends he was laid to rest. 😭

It is heartbreaking to see the sorrow on the young faces that lost their joyful friend…Knowing that they will never be able to share the good times and laugh at all the silly little things he did to keep the cheer going is very sad!! He was full of life…. Why Him?? Where was God??… through all of the broken tears and sobs, they asked?? How could something so awful happen to someone so wonderful?? Well, I can’t answer the why?? But I do know that the Lord was right there with him, helping him fight the battle until his very last breath and when he couldn’t fight anymore, the Lord wrapped His loving arms around him and took Sweet William home to Heaven, where he will rest for eternity.

Our lives are all filled with valleys, peaks and yes even some deadly undercurrents. If you have taking any swimming lessons you learn that when you feel yourself being dragged into the torrent undercurrent, to take the deepest breath possible and relax because the stronghold of the current will release you… if you don’t fight the current!!! However, in our panicked state; it is our human nature to fight!! Then the fight causes the stronghold to tighten its grip; until we are unable to loosen ourselves from its darkness, which just pulls us deeper into its murky water! And then we lose sight of all hope, light and give way to the undercurrent for our final breath!! It is difficult to face some of these undercurrents that life sends our way….For Will it was the fight of his life and a battle that he lost.

In the past 18 months I have known five young people who lost their life to the various undercurrents that the shadows of darkness released into their lives…One through a car accident, one in a motorcycle accident, one was shot and killed, one died of a drug overdose and now one who drowned. My heart weeps for the ripple effects that these undercurrents have caused in the lives of all who were touched by each individual life that was lost. It is a reminder to us all, to value each precious moment we are given with each person who crosses our path or is a permanent person in our lives. …for we never know when their final moment will be!!

I don’t know what your battle is today…. What dark undercurrent is trying to destroy you!!! Maybe you are battling illness, depression, divorce or great financial loss, Maybe you have friends or family that are battling some kind of addiction or suffering some kind of hardship or loss. Maybe you feel unloved or unwanted. Or Maybe you’re just trying to catch a break in life so you can find your way out of the darkness and get your life back to being good and prosperous. Whatever your battle is today…. Remember to take the deepest breath possible and rest in the Lord, For while you rest in Him…He will battle the undercurrent for you!! He will destroy the darkness to bring you through the murky waters and deliver you to the other side!! The side where fresh water flows and peace can be found once again!!! He will heal your heart and restore your life…. He is always right here waiting for you!! Reach for Him and He will never leave you or forsake you!!

My prayers and love are with William’s family and friends…and they are especially with my dear niece Selena and Alex. May God embrace you all with His peaceful presence and shower His Heavenly love over you all.

Sincerely Love Pastor Cindy xo

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5 comments on “When Life’s Undercurrents are too Strong….

  1. Love this! Somehow I put the wrong message on the the wrong posting. This is the one that I wanted to reblog if OK. I love all the animated pictures that you use. Do you have someone making them for you or is there a site to get them from. Are they available for others to copy and reuse later?

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