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The Facts and The Wounded Heart!!


The fact is that we have all been wounded, but the truth is there are lies attached to those wounds. Sometimes we live in these lies, reacting to and responding from them…. When this happens we are operating out of a place of deception and we are no longer exercising our Spiritual Authority; Our Position in Christ or Our Capacity to Live in Love!! I was recently ever so gently reminded of “the facts”…The facts of who I am and the power that resides within me….And how much I am Loved and Adored by my Heavenly Father!! God’s Love is abounding….it reaches beyond this natural realm and it destroys the illusions of the enemy’s deception; if we allow it too… We all have choices to make with regards to the importance of our heritage and our legacy; and the importance of our true ordained path in God. Remember; that no matter how deceptive the darkness may seem…you still possess a heartbeat that contains the light of heaven!!  Always follow your heart in matters of your heart and destiny…. listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Our Heavenly Father will never lead us astray…it is us and our attachments to societal standards that cause us to become entangled in the illusion of how things should be.

We must all learn to discern every circumstance and each person who enters into the sphere of our existence….Some situations and people are meant to empower us, while others are meant to destroy us!! Some are Heaven sent, while others are sent from the pit of Hell!! … Knowing the Truth and the Love of Heaven gives us the ability to discern correctly…Why??  Because Love always Sees and Serves a Higher Purpose!!  Even when it seems like you may be entrenched by the walls of the under world’s shadows…there is always a greater light!!! That Light is in You!!! Why?? Because All of Heavens Love is in You!! And where His Love is, No darkness has the ability to overpower it…..Walk in His Love and Live a Victorious Life!!

Thank you Heavenly Father for your Messenger of Love and the Gentle Reminder of the Truth… He has left his footprint in my heart 🐾❤🐾

May God Bless You and Keep You ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy 👼


C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2016 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)

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