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Heavenly Father we thank you for the blessings of this new day…this new season, for the beginnings and the endings in our lives; for we know Lord that all things work for your purpose!! We adore you Father, you are a magnificent creator and our hope is in you Lord. You, God have cast your light on each step of our journey…You send your angels to watch over us and it is your love Father that always pulls us back from the edge and into your arms of safety… We thank you, Lord. Father, may we always stand in your love and allow it to be our signature in every aspect of our daily lives…For without love it is impossible for those who are lost to recognize you…Love is life and life eternal is the blessing of receiving the gift of your Holy Son, Jesus.
Father we pray for all who are lost and in the grips of the adversary’s darkness. We ask Lord that you overshadow that darkness and infuse your light and love into their veiled hearts; so they may receive the Heavenly Love that is knocking on that blocked doorway!! Lord we stand in faith and declare that any who are battling with any spirits of fear, timidity, bondage, oppression, depression, confusion, or unclean spirits are freed in your name Jesus!! We speak faith, boldness, freedom, power, joy, clarity, and purity over their lives and declare that they are conquerors through you Lord. For those who are battling with any spirits of infirmity; those bodies that are holding any deceases, virus, ailments, allergies, discomfort or having mobility issues in any area, we speak health too them now. We command the infirm spirit to release you in Jesus name and we ask that you receive total healing from the top of your head to the tip of your toes; by the authority of the cross and the power of this anointed prayer…you are free!!!
Lord may we honour the gifts that you have placed in each of us, may we never compare or compete with one another but celebrate the uniqueness of each gift that you have placed in our spirits. . May we recognize and share the strength of our gift and may others lift us up with their giftedness in the areas where we are weak. Lord may we always have open loving hearts in all of our relationships; May we prosper and grow together! May we carry each other through the bad times and may we rejoice with each other in the good times. May we increase in wisdom and knowledge…And in revelation of the truth found in your word!! May we discern all spirits that are around us, whether they be of a human, holy or evil nature!! Draw us close to you Lord and Keep us on your well-lit path until you call us home. We thank you Heavenly Father for your grace and your mercy in each and every day. In Jesus Name We Pray.
May God Bless You & Keep You Embraced in His Loving Presence💜 ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2016 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)

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