Divine Resolve


I received a gift last week and that gift was the true revelation of forgiveness!! Sometimes we go through life saying that we have forgiven someone or something, but in actuality there is still a part of us that is holding on to the offense, injustice or hurt and pain of the circumstance. True forgiveness is as though the offense or injustice never occurred…it is wiping the slate totally clean to restore the relationship or situation back to its former state. We never lose the value of the lesson, but we no longer hold any emotional attachment to it. True forgiveness removes the root of bitterness, animosity, strive or ill feelings and replaces it with wisdom, love and peace…. It is a divine resolve!!  As I stood there facing this person last week, whom I once held unforgiveness towards; I began to realize that I no longer harboured any discord in my heart for them…I had been healed from the bondage of their actions!! However, I could see within their spirit the discontented frailty of whom they had become because of their lack of peace in life and now all I wanted was for them to be free from their cavern of darkness.  Lost for a moment in the abyss of not knowing what to say…I heard the quite voice of the Holy Spirit say “Tell them you forgive them” Even though I had already forgiven them in my heart, I understood what the Spirit was doing…He was giving forgiveness a voice, so that it could be echoed through eternity to break the spell of darkness over them and replace it with Heaven’s divine love!! Although nothing miraculous happened when I said those words; I do believe there was a shift in the spirit realm over both of our lives!! And I do believe that, that shift will gain momentum and become a greater service for the Glory of God!! ©

Be Blessed and Have a Forgiving Attitude Today ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy 💞

Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.   -Luke 7:47

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