Prayer ~ The Weary and Worn

Sit at the window

Heavenly Father we adore you and welcome your presence into our hearts and our homes. Lord we pray tonight for all who are weary and worn from the battles that this life can bring. We lift up your cherished children Father and we pray that you calm their souls and captivate their thoughts! Lord, embrace us who are hurting with the strength of your loving arms and infuse your love and peace into the caverns of our burdened hearts to bind up any brokenness! For Lord, you have taken all things; past, present and future upon the cross, so that we could become the redeemed in Christ…Free to live in the purity and power of your divinity!! Lord set our souls free from the illusive pain of this world and remind us of the beauty of your creation, both in this realm and your heavenly realm. Remind us Lord that this life is but for a moment and that we should walk through this temporal world engaging each day with boldness and purpose!! Let all that we do Lord, be done with our eyes set on our eternal destination, let it be for the glory of your namesake, Father. May we take each step in faith and hope knowing that you have exchanged our ashes for beauty…you restore our soul Lord, so that we may run and not get weary. Strengthen us today Lord, so that we may persevere and finish this earthly race in the tenacious loving Spirit of Christ our King!!…. That we may leave a valuable legacy that honours and reflects the Kingdom of Heaven!! 👼

In Jesus Name we pray, Amen!!

Be Blessed, Be Bold, Be You ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2017 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)

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