Dreams ~God speaks


I had the most amazing and inspiring dream last night…I dreamt that I had this hand held control gadget, but it was no ordinary gadget…it was a time machine…. Yep; by one press of a button I could travel through time!! However, I never knew where I was going when I pushed the button…it just transported me to where I needed to go. So, when I pressed the button the first time, I found myself in the early 1950`s and I met my mother!! Well, she wasn’t my mother yet, nor was she married. She was a single, joyful, beautiful young lady who was filled with dreams for her life!! I sat there talking with her, she didn’t know who I was but I knew her, not as this person in front of me now but as the mother and person she would become later on. I found myself drawn to her; she was magnanimous; so full of life, nothing like the person that I knew! We had a lengthy conversation and I didn’t want to leave!! But I knew I had to go…there was a dark force beginning to emerge and I knew that I could no longer stay there!! So I hugged this lovely lady…and I felt her vibrant life force go right through me!! She smiled at me and said “Dance faster than the devil dear and go after your dreams!!! And just as the darkness was about to overtake me she reached over and pushed the button on my gadget and I was transported out of that place…and to my next destination, which was my future!!

God always speaks to us through dreams, but we have to listen and discern the message!! This was a two part message for me…One was receiving the blessing of finding out who my mother truly was; before life got in the way!! That her assignment here may not have been fully achieved but her life force lives on through me…she imparted the good and sent me forward before the darkness could enter into my soul…..She is eternally youthful in heaven and is watching out over me; helping to keep the bad at bay!! Secondly it is a reminder to live fully and purposefully…I only have one life and time waits for no one…even if you have a time machine…we still can only visit each segment of this life momentarily!!

Dancing faster than the devil is the revelation of knowing that he is under our feet…he has no control over our lives!! Dancing is an act of joy and where there is joy no darkness can arise….it is only when we stop dancing that we become complacent and allow the enemy to rear his ugly head from under our feet…So keep dancing my friends…Dance your way into your dreams!!

Follow your heart and let your dreams arise!!  ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2017 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)

4 comments on “Dreams ~God speaks

  1. Thank you Lord for using Cindy to share this.

  2. Interesting you post this so close to mothers day.

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