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🙏 A Prayer of Declaration 🙏

Jesus prays

May God keep you all embraced in His empowering presence,

May He watch over you every step of your journey,

May you find His favour in all that you do,

May you know no lack and have the abundance of Heaven flowing through your lives,

May you dwell in peace from the rising to the setting of the sun,

May your days be blessed with joy and your nights be blessed with divine visions,

May your heart be open towards humanity and May you express compassion in every encounter,

May you see through loving wise eyes and discern the atmosphere around you always,

May your soul hear the sounds of all that is precious found in this world and in the heavenly realm,

May your mind be filled with thoughts of a prosperous life and that you become all that you are meant to be,

 May you stay in perfect health and rest in knowing that God has already healed you by way of the cross,

May you hold hope in your spirit and have a foundation of faith for every new bridge that arises on your path,

May you remain strong and courageous knowing that life is always in transition; that this too shall pass,

May love be woven into every aspect of your life, and may God grant you your hearts desires,

May you always know that you are loved first & foremost by your Heavenly Father and by those who hold you close in their hearts,

But mostly may you know that all of heaven is on your side, calling you forward and walking each step through this world with you…Never leaving you or forsaking you!! And know this; that heaven is only a prayer away, and they are always waiting to hear from you!! Amen!!

Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, and Be You!! Love you all 💞 ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy 🌻

C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2017 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)


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