A Divine Appointment ~Saving a life

winding road

Today, I was walking down Main st. not too far from Gage Park, Main st. is a four lane road which is always busy and this afternoon was no exception. On the other side of the street there was a group of young adults, 17-18 yrs. old, 3 boys and 2 girls and they were walking in the opposite direction of myself coming toward me….we were about a half a block away from each other; I could see them and hear part of what was going on…One of the young men was yelling at one of the young ladies and she was trying to reason with him, but she became very upset and starting crying….he told her to get lost that he didn’t care. She stopped in her tracks and started to cry even harder and became quite distraught….she stood crying as her friends kept walking, leaving her there in total distress!! I just stood there for a moment waiting, I had a bad feeling and I began to pray….I knew that something was not right. The young girl turned to look at me, we were now directly across from each other, she was shaking and helpless; then she looked down the busy road way into the traffic and I knew in that moment God had placed me there to stop what was about to occur…I immediately yelled across the street to her…Don’t do it!! Than she did it…she took a step out toward the oncoming traffic…and yelled just kill me!!! As, the cars came to a screeching halt in the first two lanes she proceeded to walk toward the third lane of oncoming traffic…I instinctively stepped out into the first lane on my side of the street which caused the car in my lane to come to an abrupt halt and I was now almost face to face with the young lady…As the next car was barreling down the road way in the one lane that was still open…I looked at her and said, “sweetie you don’t want to do this!! You are worth more than this!!” And for a moment I had her attention, she was beautiful, she had long beautiful sandy blonde hair, with big brown eyes, she wore only a little makeup…not that she needed any, she was this tiny little girl, maybe 110lbs and 5ft 2in tall. and nicely dressed. Then she dropped her gaze from mine and when she looked back up at me she had a blank glare over her face and was staring right at me; she then took a step toward the open lane into the traffic that was now to close to stop. I immediately yelled…I mean I was screaming now!! I said; In the name of Jesus Girl STOP!! And all of a sudden she just froze!! The car came barreling in between us and passed by without making contact, I went over and grabbed her to bring her to safety. She was like a zombie now…drained!! I sat her down on some nearby steps and started to pray for her. She started to cry and looked at me like she had no idea of what had just happened. We talked for a while, as we waited for her sister to come and pick her up. I certainly wasn’t going to leave her there on her own….it was either her sister or I was calling the police to come and take her!!
I watched this little princess just snap over the heartbreak of some boy who isn’t even worthy of her!! I began to tell her about how much God loved her and that she is so important to Him… I reassured her that although it feels like hell right now, that hell is not her destiny!! God has a good plan for her life….and one day she will see that getting away from this jerk is a blessing!!

I don’t know when suicide became such an option for this younger generation, it seems like it’s become an epidemic and it needs to stop!!! Feelings pass and you do not have to act on them!! Life is always in transition…..if you are feeling distressed, do not panic…go and talk to someone and do not act in that distress!! For this young lady this day could have ended quite differently!! I for one am glad that she has another opportunity to see the sunset and to see the sun rise tomorrow!! Praise God!!

I am sending out prayers tonight for all who are feeling distressed…I am coming after that spirit of suicide and just as this young lady stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the street by the Grace of God and by the Name of Jesus, I am trusting our Heavenly Father that the oppressive spirit of suicide is bound from operating in yours or your loved ones lives…In Jesus Name I decree and declare it is bound and those dark thoughts are now transcending in love for yourself …Amen!!

~Love and Blessings, Sincerely Pastor Cindy 

Sending Up Prayers

Lord Jesus we love you, you are the creator, the provider, the comforter, the way maker and our great physician!! Lord we lift up those battling with the spirit of suicide….We ask Lord that you embrace them in your loving presence and place your army of angels around them to protect them from the deception of the dark one. Lord, as your word says you have died for all our sin and sickness and that you have placed death in the grave where it belongs; We now declare freedom over their lives…freedom to see the truth that lies in your love and light…. Freedom from the veil that covers their mind in despair, freedom from the pain enclosed in their body and freedom in their spirit; so that they may rise up and soar like an eagle above the storm to see the sun on the horizon. This attack on their lives must come under the authority of the believer and Lord we are believers!! We cast down this spirit of suicide that is attacking this generation and we break the stronghold that is trying to steal their lives, their dreams and their divine purpose that they were created for!!…Lord we send forth your Love and healing to touch their hearts with pure joy and peace!! We thank you Lord that they are free and are healed from any affects that this spirit has had over them and shall remain in divine health all of their days. We thank you Lord for each and every precious life, may they know that they are cherished in our Heavenly Fathers eyes and by those whom love them…May they know Lord, that their life has value!! That they matter and this world needs what you have created them to be!! In Jesus Name We Pray. Amen

~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

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5 comments on “A Divine Appointment ~Saving a life

  1. Powerful witness to what God can do. Thanks for sharing

  2. Amen and amen! Powerful message. Praise God for using you to help this young woman. Many blessings to you Cindy!!

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