Prayer ~Be Blessed

000 a Praying hands

Heavenly Father we love you and we worship you with great adoration. You are the beginning and the end; the creator of all of our life stories. We thank you for writing us into the book of life and calling us out of the valley of darkness. May we go forward with the boldness of a lion, the tender heart of the lamb, the wisdom of your Word and Spirit, and the character and strength that honours our eternal destination!! May we know your peace each step of our journey and may we walk in the blessings of heaven always. May we remain healthy, in our mind, bodies and spirits, May we prosper and live in abundance; free from the constraints of this material world. May we know no boundaries; for we are filled with faith and not fear, May we experience love to the fullest and reflect that love to whomever we encounter, May we know that our days are filled with delight and that the sorrow of this world is a temporal human condition. May our vision be clear and our purpose be fulfilled by your grace and our continued perseverance!! May we not sway into paths of destruction but remain constant in your righteous namesake. May we stand with each other in our moments of weakness and guard our fellow friends from the disillusionment of the adversaries cunning tactics, May we continue to encourage each other and reinforce the truth of our original identity….who we were created to be before the fall of Eden!! May we mature into the fullness of all that encompasses our being and may we use our special gifts and talents for the Kingdom of Christ!! In Your Name Jesus, Amen!! 

Stay Blessed My Beautiful Friends!! 
~Sincerely Pastor Cindy 💞

C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2017 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)

2 comments on “Prayer ~Be Blessed

  1. Thank you for beautiful prayer Past Cindy, Bless You 👐

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