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The Spirit Speaks ~The Fall


I find it somewhat perplexing as to how a person can go through life altering situations and come out the other side still being the exact same person they were before the event occurred; yet some still do! 
It has to be the spirit of pride still operating in them; that narcissistic sense of self preservation which overrides all the revelation and humility that they were meant to learn through their valley experience, but chose not to. 
The lessons become non-existent and pride becomes the crown of their hearts once again!… Thus condemning themselves to repeat the process of purification…the expulsion of ungodly characteristics.
Pride is a spirit which produces falls and leads you away from the love and the light of God…you become the idol of destruction within your own life through allowing the spirit, that idol of self; first place in your life.
Freedom cannot be found in self; it can only be received through Gods Loving Grace and Spirit. “The Fall” was meant to raise your spirit and life higher; not to send you back around the same mountain!! 
Don’t let your valley experience lose its value. Move forward with the lessons that you learned there and allow the Spirit to redirect you…Remember, if you were doing so well before; you would have never of fallen in the first place!

Be Blessed and stay safe my beautiful friends 
-Sincerely Pastor Cindy 🌹

C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2017 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)

One comment on “The Spirit Speaks ~The Fall

  1. Powerful message!! Yes, every valley that we go through is a learning experience to help us to climb the mountain that God has ordained for us. God bless you!

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