Prayer ~Relieve the Destruction

prayer 1

Heavenly Father we stand in your strength today and honour you; you Lord have the power to calm the storms and the destruction of nature’s fury. We stretch our hands to you Lord and ask for your divine intervention and mercy over the vast desolation that has been caused or will be caused by the hurricanes, earthquakes and fires!! We speak to the earth that is groaning loudly and ask for it to return to serene rest and beauty!! We ask Lord for your presence to be in among the carnage that these forces of nature have left behind. We ask for unity and swift assistance for those in need; may they know that they are not alone in this chaos.  We call upon your angels, Jesus and ask that you send them forth to be a wall of protection against these monstrous villains of nature!! We ask Lord that you reverse any curses that have been released through adversarial forces against these lands and we ask that you pour out your Spirit of Love, Healing, Redemption and Restoration. We ask for supernatural strength and the peace that surpasses all natural understanding for those who are experiencing these calamitous events. We speak to the earth and say be still by Heavens Authority; we call upon you Jesus to stretch out your arms and reach into the vastness of these principalities to bind their incantations and plans of destruction for these lands. We seek your grace and mercy Lord in this dire time!!  Lord, we know that it is not you who has sent these calamities forth however; we also know that you have the power to change the outcome!! Lord we are interceding for these lands and ask for your divine favour; calm the winds, send the rain to the fires and settle the faults lines so that the earth will rest. Let your grace be upon every person who is encountering these horrific beasts; may they become witnesses to speak of your wondrous mercies and miraculous moments that will come forth during this time of tribulation.  Wrap them all in your Divine Protection, Lord!!

In Jesus Name We Stand in Unity and Pray!!

God Bless Everyone ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy 💞

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2 comments on “Prayer ~Relieve the Destruction

  1. Hi Cindy, Happy Christmas. I wish you all the best for 2018. God bless, Jo

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