00000 a with God

Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep will Scatter…. or take out the Generals and the Regimes Crumble!! It is and always has been the strategy of War!! Though our enemy cannot always be seen; I assure you he is there waiting on our human blunders to allow his plan to kill, steal, and destroy to be set in motion in our lives. Just like the enemy tries to destroy the natural family, he wants to destroy the Spiritual One!!!
He releases his deceitful spirits to plant his seeds of evil, which bring about destruction and cause the children to rebel; just as Adam and Eve did in the garden.
Though the seed of rebellion was planted through the sin of the parents; some children will feed into the enemy’s plan and cause sin to rise in their own lives; thus creating generational curses to form in their lineage.

Each negative thought or action you have toward the situation leads you deeper into the enemy’s territory; entrapping you in your own contempt!! The orginal seed may have been planted by the sin of another, but it is you who has given that seed roots to grow; through your bitter unforgiveness. 
Unforgiveness is unpardonable in God’s eyes; for He sent His Son to bare the burden of sin, so that we would not have to carry it!! 
It is time to lay down your burden of unforgiveness and turn your heart toward the one who is the resurrection of life, the restorer of all things!! 
There comes a time in all of our lives, whether we our Christian or not, that we will need forgiveness. It is in that moment that we see the reflection of the deceiver and the depth of who the enemy truly is. 
The revelation of light seeps through our blind eyes and releases us into the love of God! 
It encapsulates our hearts with love and compassion; giving us the understanding that all have fallen short in God’s eyes; but through the blood of His Son we are made white as snow!! 
If there is recompense to be served, it is the Lords to do so!! 
It is time for the Children of God to stop allowing themselves to do the work of the enemy by crucifying their Saviour over and over again through the regurgitation of the sins of one another. Instead 
choose to see through the eyes of Heaven and the Glory of God’s intended purpose for each other’s lives!! ©2018

Be a Blessing and Not a Curse!!

~Sincerely Pastor Cindy🕊
Revivalist; Resurrecting God’s Heart in the Land!!


C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2018 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)

7 comments on “A WORD FROM THE SPIRIT

  1. “[…] Be a blessing not a curse” (Livingston, 2018). Those words need to be placed on a bumper sticker😂😂 It is too perfect.🎩

  2. My name is Lisa Fore and I really would like to talk to you. I’ve read some of your blog and need to connect with you. My mother dealt in the occult, I slept walked as a child and then when I ran away the night terrors started and stayed until my 30’s. Plz contact me. Thank you and God Blesd

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