The Remnant ~Prophetic Dream

modern churchLast night I had such a disturbing dream and it has been sitting with me all day. I dreamt that I was out on the street praying for people; they were getting healed and set free and they all began rejoicing in the Glory of Heaven’s Presence!! But then, I came upon one women; she was quite beautiful, but was quite a hot mess spiritually speaking. When I approached her to pray, her beauty became distorted and manifested into one of the ugliest spirits I had ever seen!! She reeked of sulfur and her face became stained with ashes. I began to pray and wrestle with the spirits living in her and the angels of the Lord came and stood along side of me… than a whirlwind of dark ashes came out of her body and the angels slayed it with their swords; causing it to disappear!! She was now radiant and free; glowing with the everlasting halo. I then took her to church and in the church there was a man with a baseball bat and He began beating her with it. He hit her back, then her stomach, and finally her face… all the congregation just stood around and watched! I was horrified and screaming at them all, but they seemed not to hear. She was now battered, beaten and she shone no more. I began to weep and as I looked around at the faces of the church they were all battered, beaten and expressionless.
I asked God why would the church do harm to one another in such a way and this was

God’s Response…
“They beat my children with my word to conform them into their image, rather than mine; so they fit in rather than standing out in their own uniqueness! They fear the freedom of my Spirit living in My new creation because they are tied to their religion and acquired lifestyles through their false teachings!! They beat my sheep for they are envious of my presence in them…which they gave up long ago. They live by their works and carry their earthy trophies as their rewards. Even their words have become works of iniquity. They speak; not from my Spirit, but through their own prideful manes!! They are not built from my cornerstone, but from the sands of Egyptian mortar!! Their churches have become their idols and services are nothing more than the piedpipers lullaby!!”

I was afraid for the church and I asked the Lord, what will they become without you??
And the Lord said “A pillar of Salt”

As I was waking up the last thoughts I heard God place in my spirit were “But there is a Remnant”

I love how God reveals things; He shows you the truth of the circumstances, but always leaves you with a word of hope and His promises yet to come!!

~Pastor Cindy

Revivalist; Resurrecting God’s Heart in the Land!!

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2 comments on “The Remnant ~Prophetic Dream

  1. Wow. How true. Thank you for sharing that.

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