2019 The Year of Glory Days ~A Prophetic Word

000000 a angel

Welcome to 2019, the last teen years that most of us will see for our life time!! Teen years are often a reflection of fun carefree times before life bogs us down with its mundane rituals of the everyday adult life!! We often refer to them as “the Good Ole Days or the Glory Days and reminisce over the joy that our young life brought us. We think about the places we hung out and the friends we made along the way and all of the dreams, desires and blessings that our future lives would bring us. We didn’t know that there was a cost attached to our dreams; we only knew that we were young and furiously seeking the desires of our hearts. We were full of passion and confidence; and we knew no boundaries, we just forged forward with faith and the assurance of our destination.

As I sit and ponder my own “Glory days” feeling as though that they are all behind me; I sense the stirring of the Holy Spirit and I hear Him whisper my name “Cindy” It’s that sweet soft whisper that reaches out from the chaos of this world to infuse life and love back into every crevice of our being. It is the power and the presence of His Glory manifesting all around me and suddenly I am consumed by the river of Majesty! I’m joyfully weeping in awe and wonder as the Lord begins to speak, saying; “There are no glory days behind you; all of my Glory is in front of you” “This year; everyday will be a Glory Day for all of my children” “My Glory will rest on those who are willing to receive; though I am with all, not all are with me. My Spirit has been poured out on all flesh, but not all have received it into their hearts” “There is a fountain of life emerging in My Remnants heart. The Spirit is churning and the Angels are rejoicing; for the days of my Glory will once again fill the earth” “The embers are burning and I am calling forth My giants to slay the darkness in this world and ignite the flames of Revival once again” “My Love is everlasting and My Grace is all abounding; Seek My Heart once again, and I will embrace you all with the Love and Glory of Heaven” “Hold fast and fan the fire of faith, My Glory is on the horizon!”

The clarity of His voice reverberates from Heaven to Earth…as I laze in of Glory of His Presence. I see the angels standing ready, waiting for the decree from the throne; they are elated with unspeakable joy for the coming Awakening!!

The intimate Glory of God removes all of the entanglements of this world when it rests upon you and opens your spirit, heart and mind to receive from the mysteries of heaven. The Glory is love embodied beyond our human capacity. It spears through us and regenerates every particle of our bodies to reset our lives; it molds us into a living vessel of Heavenly light! Glory, intimate Glory is resting in the fire without being burnt. ‘His Glory Days’ are here for you; His Heart is rising in this land.

When Gods Glory rises the miraculous will occur beyond its current measure. You will only need to step into the rarefied cloud of Heaven to receive its Beautiful Blessings. Leap forward in faith and without reservation; as though you were once again that teen furiously pursuing a dream!!!  

Looking forward to seeing you all in the “Glory Days” ahead

Love & Blessings ~Pastor Cindy


C.A. Livingstone © 2011-2019 (All Rights Reserved – See sidebar for copying instructions)



2 comments on “2019 The Year of Glory Days ~A Prophetic Word

  1. Praise God ! There is power in every word .Thank you for your obedience unto the Lord .His remnant will rise up !

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