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Cindy Livingstone has been blessed with many accomplishments in her life; however none of them are as great as coming to know the Risen Saviour Jesus Christ. To those who know Cindy today they always say that they had no idea that she grew up in such a tumultuous environment and had to overcome a great amount of life long tribulation.  She is a great testament to  “All things are possible with God” (Matthew 19:26). Although Cindy did not attend church growing up she was always close to God……She knew His voice from a very young age and was very aware of His presence.  Her heart was always filled with a hope for a better tomorrow, even when it seemed like tomorrow would never come.

She was married at a young age and has a beautiful daughter who has brought great joy and blessing to her life.  Unfortunately her youthful marriage did not last.  Cindy has graduated from a few different educational institutions. She holds a college diploma in travel and tourism, reflexology and many other certificates.  However her greatest achievement was earning her Bachelors of Honours degree in Ministry Studies.  She has many accomplishments in the world of business and has travelled to many different places; she enjoys the various cultures found in Gods world. However, none of the accomplishments that she has achieved are as great as the ones the Lord has achieved through her. All of her life was a training ground for the calling the Lord was leading her into.

Where ever Cindy is; the presence of the Lord is mighty and strong. She truly walks in His anointing and loves the Lord with all her heart. God has called her to be a bridge of hope and healing to the lost and hurting…..To restore order in a world filled with Chaos. To take back the ground the adversary has stolen and to challenge an immoral society.

Cindy is currently working on her first novel; it is about her journey to heaven. She is excited about its contents and prays that she able to describe it in a way that will come alive to the reader.  She is thankful for the favour that God has blessed her with and she steps into her calling with honour to deliver God’s Kingdom Message. Praise God…. Amen!

God Bless You & All who are close to your heart!!!

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