The Facts and The Wounded Heart!!

The fact is that we have all been wounded, but the truth is there are lies attached to those wounds. Sometimes we live in these lies, reacting to and responding from them…. When this happens we are operating out of a place of deception and we are no longer exercising our Spiritual Authority; Our Position […]

EXCERPT FROM HEAVEN ~The Spirit Speaks on Miracles

For the past year The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about the miraculous….He has been revealing many attributes of God’s Miracle working power and I hope to put them all in a book soon….Here is a short excerpt from one of my moments in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the deliverer of […]

“GO” For God

  I had such an interesting day yesterday (August 31)…..One of my friends called me to go to a barbecue and I really didn’t want to go because I am just getting ready to move and I want to get everything done for it. However, I heard the still small voice inside of me “Say GO”…. […]

Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial ~ Newtown, Connecticut

In memory of all those little angels who lost their lives one year ago today at Sandy Hook Elementary and to the brave teachers who were gunned down trying to save them.  Please pray for the families and the community of Newtown, Connecticut today. God Bless ~Sincerely Cindy Luke 18:16  But Jesus called the children […]

Transitional Opposition

Transitional opposition is the place of in-between…it is a place where we are no longer who we used to be but are not quite who God wants us to be. It is a place where the battle with the enemy becomes intense, insane and even unbelievable…. The enemy is trying to destroy us before we […]

The Gift of Healing

The gift of healing is a supernatural ability given by the Holy Spirit to remove all sickness from the human body. It is given for a specific instance of healing whether the healing is instantaneous or gradual. Throughout time God has given this gift to many great individuals such as Maria Woodworth-Etta, Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Katherine […]

Gods Generals ~ Through All the Storms

All God’s Generals are spectacular however, I do have my favorites. Let me introduce you to Maria Woodworth-Ether, Kathryn Kuhlman and A.A. Allen; they are Spirit filled, anointed healing evangelist with the working of miracles in their ministries.  They are faith filled individuals who have pursued the call of God and overcame great obstacles in […]

Effectual Thinking ~ Realms of the Natural and the Spiritual

Cognitive distortions are exaggerated and irrational thoughts based on various exposures in your life experiences. They can permeate your thought patterns inside your mind and create a negative cycle in your life.  To break the cycle you must identify the distortion and retrain your mind. When we are in the natural realm most times we can […]

Angels Walk Among Us

We know that the angels exist, for it is written in the word, but have you ever encountered one? Would you recognize an angel if one were right there with you now? History has depicted angels as being a winged presence of beauty embraced in a magnificent light. Great artists such as Michel Angelo have […]

The Spirit of Resurrection

Resurrection means to raise from the dead….to give new life, unlike revival which refers to bring restoration to an already existing life or state of things.  When we resurrect something or someone; we understand it is a new beginning…..it is the Spirit, the heart and the core of an existence within the soul of that […]