Prayers and Poems

🙏 A Prayer of Declaration 🙏

May God keep you all embraced in His empowering presence, May He watch over you every step of your journey, May you find His favour in all that you do, May you know no lack and have the abundance of Heaven flowing through your lives, May you dwell in peace from the rising to the […]

Prayer ~ The Weary and Worn

Heavenly Father we adore you and welcome your presence into our hearts and our homes. Lord we pray tonight for all who are weary and worn from the battles that this life can bring. We lift up your cherished children Father and we pray that you calm their souls and captivate their thoughts! Lord, embrace […]


Heavenly Father we thank you for the blessings of this new day…this new season, for the beginnings and the endings in our lives; for we know Lord that all things work for your purpose!! We adore you Father, you are a magnificent creator and our hope is in you Lord.  You, God have cast your […]

PRAYER ~Sending Loving thoughts to Paris

O Lord, Our God, Our most precious and Holy Father; today our hearts are heavy and filled with much grief for the loss of the lives of so many from this senseless attack in Paris… Such devastation has hindered the freedom and movement in this nation!!! They have been paralyzed by fear and rendered into […]

PRAYER ~Love Intercedes

Interceding is defined as the act of stepping in on behalf of another who is in need of having someone else petition for them. To petition for someone is to present their case to another or in the instances of prayer it is to intercede to a higher authority; Our Lord and King, Jesus!! As […]


Heavenly Father you are the giver of life and we Praise your Holy Name. We love you Lord Jesus and worship your loving presence on this day and every day. We Glorify you Lord and stand in awe of you… Lord we are a blessed people who walk in your marvelous light!! Lord we thank […]

A Letter of Love…

A Letter of Love…. Love is many different things, No two people express it the same way. It sees through the eyes of the heart, And knows the sound of its own voice. Love is Inclusion, It does not divide but unites to conquer, It is acceptance and respect in spite of differences. And it […]

Prayer- The Year of Divine Favour

Lord we lift our hearts to you today and sing praises as we step into a New Year which has already been written in the heavens for us. We adore you Heavenly Father and we worship your Holy Presence. You are Alpha and Omega; You are the Splendor that shines across the horizon of each […]

Declaring Freedom ~Interceding for another

Last week my daughter was taken in for emergency surgery….She is at home now and is doing well; I believe that she will recover quickly. One day when I was coming off the elevator going back to her room, there was this young man being brought up to the surgical floor, with 3 guards around […]

The River of Life ~Exhortation and Prayer

Revelation 22:1 And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal,  proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. That  pure river is the His Holy Spirit in you and flowing through you from the Heavenlies to expound into all the earth and reveal the Lord Jesus Christ. When […]