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Heavenly Father we adore you; you are the keeper of our souls and we thank you for being our shield in every season of our lives. Lord we lift up those who are battling with various health issues and we ask that our outstretched hands travel across the distances and touch them through the spirit […]

The Divine Exchange

My testimony: The manifest presence of Christ

Prayer ~Be Blessed

Heavenly Father we love you and we worship you with great adoration. You are the beginning and the end; the creator of all of our life stories. We thank you for writing us into the book of life and calling us out of the valley of darkness. May we go forward with the boldness of […]

Devotion ~ Molding Your Character

Our Character is a reflection of our inner self….Motives or dreams and goals are the seeds that are planted in our spirits that cause us to pursue our purpose. As we pursue our purpose our character; our mind, our will and our emotions…start to emulate our reasons for that pursuit. Although our plans may change […]


My first video, in the raw…..Sharing a message from heaven! Love & Blessings ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy xo

Declaring Freedom ~Interceding for another

Last week my daughter was taken in for emergency surgery….She is at home now and is doing well; I believe that she will recover quickly. One day when I was coming off the elevator going back to her room, there was this young man being brought up to the surgical floor, with 3 guards around […]

From Fear to Freedom

Sometimes in life we may find ourselves in less than favourable conditions and we may begin to question the validity of our faith.  Faith towards God……Faith towards Family & Friends….  And most of all Faith in our own abilities to make correct decisions.  The dark’s begin to invade our thoughts and cause us to develop […]