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Prayer ~Be Blessed

Heavenly Father we love you and we worship you with great adoration. You are the beginning and the end; the creator of all of our life stories. We thank you for writing us into the book of life and calling us out of the valley of darkness. May we go forward with the boldness of […]

🙏 A Prayer of Declaration 🙏

May God keep you all embraced in His empowering presence, May He watch over you every step of your journey, May you find His favour in all that you do, May you know no lack and have the abundance of Heaven flowing through your lives, May you dwell in peace from the rising to the […]

Dreams ~God speaks

I had the most amazing and inspiring dream last night…I dreamt that I had this hand held control gadget, but it was no ordinary gadget…it was a time machine…. Yep; by one press of a button I could travel through time!! However, I never knew where I was going when I pushed the button…it just […]

PRAYER ~Love Intercedes

Interceding is defined as the act of stepping in on behalf of another who is in need of having someone else petition for them. To petition for someone is to present their case to another or in the instances of prayer it is to intercede to a higher authority; Our Lord and King, Jesus!! As […]

The Lions Pride ~Poem

The Lions Pride  Oh what a Beautiful Bride; Is found in the Lion of Judah’s Pride. Virtue and Truth is her holy name, In His book it is written, she has NO Blame. She opened her heart to divulge the core; When she heard her King calling from outside its door. Inside her heart’s caverns […]

The Divine Kingdom – Prayer

Father we thank you for your loving presence that lies within our hearts and within our homes; May we continue to walk in the blessing of your Kingdom and be a beacon of light for this morally challenged world. You are a good and gracious God and we adore you Father.  We exalt you above […]

Resting in His Hands ~Poem from the Spirit

                                                                                                                                                           I looked up today and saw the Lord smiling down on me; He said what is troubling you my child; for I have already set you free.  Walk in the light and no darkness shall prevail.  I am walking with you; I’ll never let you fail.  I’ll catch every tear that rolls upon your […]


Lord Jesus we call upon you to worship your Holy Wonderful Name….We thank you Lord that you are the way, the truth and the life; and that the adversary has been cast down under our feet. We thank you for the blessing of your Kingdom, Lord; the spiritual blessings, the natural blessings and the super […]


I asked the Father to show me what a True Child of God is like and this is what He Said:        My Remnant will stand in the Full Embodiment of Christ. They shall Discern the season and will be Watchful toward the infiltrated enemy. My Voice will be the Beacon unto their spirit.  They […]

The Cross~Reviving The Truth

                                                                                                                  ~POEM~  He died on the Cross, so we could live. Free from our sins in which He will forgive. He was hung high outside the village square, Where all mankind just stood and stared. His hands and His feet were nailed to the wood, Still He believed that in man’s hearts […]