Stand up and Be Still ~A Moment in Devotion

stary night

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. ~ Exodus 14:14

Stand up and Be Still knowing that your Heavenly Father loves you so much that He is willing to go to war for you. To stand and be still is to be diligent in who He has created you to be and to walk by faith every moment with the peace of Christ in your heart. Stand in love and wait for the fulfillment of the promises that the Lord has placed in your heart. Stand knowing that His peace which surpasses all understanding is present in your homes and in every aspect of your daily lives. Stand in knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ first stood for you and still fights for you. To be still is in fact an action which says; Yes Lord I trust you!! So Stand Up and Be Still and watch the Lord part the sea to pave the way for His divine Favour.

In You Lord We Stand, In You Lord We Trust!! ~Sincerely Rev. Cindy


C.A. Livingstone ©2011-2015 All Rights Reserved (see sidebar for copying instructions)

7 comments on “Stand up and Be Still ~A Moment in Devotion

  1. You don’t happen to want to move to Iowa do you Rev. Cindy?

  2. I needed this today… Thank you so much for the reminder!!

  3. God Is Awesome!! God Bless…Continue allowing The Heavenly Father use you in His Mighty way. He instruct the Shepherds too feed His sheeps. Amen!! \O/

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