The Night Terror “Spiritual Bullies”

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Early this morning, I was awakened with a night terror….A terror is a little different from a regular bad dream…it can cause immobility, known as sleep paralysis or sleep walking and is extremely frightening. Little is known about the causes of night terrors, but health experts agree that these episodes are NOT caused by psychological issues or abnormal brain neurology. Science or psychology labels this as parasomnia which simply means a sleep disorder pattern that causes unusual behaviour while one sleeps. Night terrors are relatively rare, affecting only a small percentage of children usually between ages 4 and 12 and an even smaller percentage of adults; they tend to run in families, and the first episode generally occurs sometime between the ages of two and four years old. Bad dreams happen to most of us at some point and are usually related to something that we are dealing with in our life causing us stress. However, night terrors are far different from your average bad dream and that is why science is unable to find a reason for their occurrences; unless you’re taken medication for something, in which a night terror can be a side effect of the drugs.

We as believers know that the enemy is always looking for a way into our lives and if the demons cannot gain access during the day…they most certainly will try at night. We know that night terrors are real and the bible reminds us to not fear the terrors of the night. (Psalm 91:5) We also know that night terrors are not part of our normal biological structure because they produce an intense fear and God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) Children usually cannot recall the night terror or very little of it, which is a blessing; however as an adult our ability to recall is far greater. It’s interesting to know how night terrors are passed on in the family lineage. We know that generational curses are passed on in the same manner (Numbers 14:18)…that is until you step into the lineage of Christ and you form a new lineage for your future generations. (Galatians 3:13-14)

Night terrors are satanic attacks….It is the enemy that which was once living in your house (your body) coming back, and bringing reinforcements with him to see if he can gain access. It’s almost like they believe they have a right because of your pre-Christ family lineage; especially if that lineage is in any way connected to occult activity. It is also because some believers have a strong gift of discernment and are able to see into the spirit realm, which leaves them open to receive more unpleasant visitations. It’s been my personal experience as an adult that whenever I encounter such intense principalities in night terrors; it is because God is gearing up for a monumental move in the Spirit Realm, And because the powers of darkness have failed to sway me from my journey they now want to attempt to break me by weakening me; through sleep deprivation. You see the thing about the spirits of darkness is that they haven’t learned any new tricks since the dawn of time….and it actually makes me wonder how people fall prey to the same tricks over and over. You see I grew up in a rough neighbourhood….we wore our boxing gloves to school and I was no stranger to bullies. I look at my young life as a training ground for the battle which is now coming from “Spiritual Bullies”. A bully is a bully; whether it is in the natural earth realm or the spiritual realm….. Show no fear and stand in faith with your weapons of warfare (Ephesians 6:10-18) and know that even if you lose a battle…You have already won the war because you are a child of God and no weapon formed against you shall prosper. (Isaiah 54:17) I count it all Joy because I know that whenever I face a trial with enemy it is only to strengthen my faith in Christ. It is to bring Glory to His name and to bring victory through greater wisdom and knowledge; for the perfecting of my life so that I may help others perfect theirs; as well.

If you have experienced night terrors or are currently experiencing them….before going to bed each night commit your dream realm to God. Pray over yourself or your child and ask the Lord for full protection during your sleeping hours. When you commit your dream realm to God….It is like in the in the days of Moses ….you have the blood on the top of your door post and the enemy must pass you by. If God allows the enemy to intrude in the night….it is to bring you into a greater place in Him; So Stand on the rock of your salvation and hold true the word of God. He is your liberator and is always a present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1)

May God Bless You and Keep You in everything pertaining to life and godliness.~Rev. C.A. Livingstone

POINT TO PONDER: If you’re not experiencing some level of Spiritual warfare…you have already become imprisoned by the enemy.

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42 comments on “The Night Terror “Spiritual Bullies”

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  2. Woman you have touched me with this share. I think it is time for a”REAL” support group to be formed. It is apparent to me that times are rapidly changing where many fall to the onslaught. I call it Inundated – to which I believe we should form a community revolving around this fact that does more than “Say I’ll pray for you”. Considering the “Few” we should realize what that means and then the rest which is the masses of people who have built no real foundation to weather any form of storm coming their way. Church has failed in this mission.

    • Hey Rob, I am glad that this blessed you and yes I agree that there needs to be more eduction brought to the subject. The issue with the church is that it doesn’t want you talking about the adversary…they say it is elevating him above Jesus when you talk too much about him. However, it is through lack of knowledge that people perish and the devil knows this…. Yes we should always keep our eyes on Jesus and the Lords plan for our life….But we should also know our enemy; so that we can identify his presence as soon as an unwarranted thought or behaviour manifests. I believe that we need to train people to stand in their authority in Christ Jesus…He is the King of Kings who has given us His Spirit to drive out the enemy from every area in our lives. Prayer from others helps as a support and yes God can intervene at any time, but it is Him who has allowed the test in the first place. I am not really sure if a forum is the solution, however I will seek God on that.
      Be Blessed ~Sincerely Cindy

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    Amen! Amen! In The Name Of our Lord And Savior Christ Jesus. Agape!

  4. Hi Cindy, I haven’t been sleep paralysed, but it wouldn’t be a good feeling. I used to have nightmares … until I broke off Freemasonry.
    Now my nights are more like “I am woman, hear me snore …”
    If they interrupt your sleep again tell them you’re going to get even!
    Let me tuck you in with the word …
    Lord in peace will Cindy lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make her dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8.

    • Thanks Joanne, its true that sometimes we open the door by what were involved in but there is also those other times when tests and trials come… I love your quote “I am woman hear me snore” that’s funny ☺ and I like your declaration of peace over my sleep. Blessings ~Sincerely Cindy

  5. I knew I was not the only one. I hope some day the battle will stop.

  6. cindy thank you. I am so grieved by the night terrors my lil 8 yold boy has sometimes he also is addhd and has been diagnosed with mild autism. MYhusband and i both are sensitive to the realm most people get to ignore but Canaan our son talks a lot about the scary things that he sees. He was terrified if it became dusk like before dark and he and anyone else was not inside. He has overcome that but he talks so much about the devil. He is firm believer in god and being raised to follow the teachings of jesus and worship God though he is not always in church and neither are we, we do pray rely and praise the lord in our life and wish to more. my husband who will one day be a great fisher for jesus is currently under what i believe is demonic strongholds and a curse that will not leave completely i am trying everything to remove this root of evil that is brrowed deep and tight binding my husband his mom and dad me and even our little boy canaan and has a foothold on our lives. I am a prayer warrior but I even I am never able to pray this thing completely away.In Jesus christ name I pray that you get this message asap and I pray you get a multitude of prayers and inthsat prayer to jesus ask him to cleanse the evil spirits and witch crafted demonic forces and entities that plague our mountain side at “grave hill ln” oliver springs tennessee 37840!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please pass tthis on fellow servants of the lord Jesus christ of nazareth. My prayers are already working at this moment that i give now to god regarding everyone of you and everybody world wide every tounge race kindred and inhabitant that this earth will ever know amen I hope to hear from you cindy dear world of people i love you all love each other as well blessings and deliverance to all

    • Blessing Rebekah, I will certainly send this out so that we may join you in prayer. Keep the Faith and Keep Speaking about the light and love of the Saviour, so that your son will turn his focus off the darkness and bring his attention back to the light of Christ. It you are a born again believer the devil has no authority over you….Don’t speak to him…Cast him out in Jesus Name!! He is always roaming to see who he can devour, but perfect light cast out darkness and the God in you is bigger than any darkness that may come against you. Praying that you may stand in perfect peace and receive your breakthrough in Jesus Name.

  7. In Jesus Name

  8. Thanks Cindy for your explanation of night terrors. I have been experiencing them as an adult. They have been more frequent lately and i needed a christian antidote for the problem. I will take your good council and pray before bed tonight. Thank-u again cindy. God bless you.

  9. Any idea if pregnant women are more suceptible? I’m onths preg and my boyfriend and I had the same “dream” we were sleeping next to each other, I woke up and saw a terrifying old man next to the bed looking right at me. I started screaming. My boyfriend said I screamed in his dream but when he woke I was kicking all over the blankets still asleep screaming. When I opened my eyes the old man was gone…

  10. Started recently…within the last year. They start in the early stages of sleep. It’s like a tingling,paralyzing feeling. I pray and read my bible faithfully. I wonder if it’s because I am deeper in my walk with Christ? I tend to think so. However, they’re terrifying and I dread them. But lately I’m stronger and I call upon Jesus and it goes away. Interesting thing is that even before I knew what this was, I was calling out to Jesus in the subconscious. It’s like I already knew it was spiritual warfare.

    • That is very true Grace…the stronger you are in Christ to more they are drawn to attacking you…And because you are strong in your waking hours…it has no other choice to but to attack you in your sleep. God Bless You Grace and thanks for Sharing. 💐

  11. Yes this is very true this happen to me last night my niece call it Night crawlers. Its not a good feeling but just keep saying JESUS, JESUS, JESUS and they will stop. If you cant talk just think it as loud as you can in your mind it works very well. Praying before you go to bed also helps. I cannot wait until it stops completely.

  12. Baruch Hashem for your ministry and this post in particular, Sister Cindy!

    My wife of 8 days suffers from night terrors (I am not sure if these are the same as nightmares) partly as a result (and side effect) of the cocktail of drugs she is on for PTSD (she is a childhood survivor) among other congenital medical issues, and they have been particularly strong these past three days -in fact they kept us from going to church today) and often plague our days (she sleeps through most if the day after such an episode)

    Reading your post though gives me encouragement that these are demonic spiritual attacks she is experiencing and not just random pharmaceutical biochem flukes. Do you have any particular prayers that could be helpful for us?

    In His Name, I remain

  13. Thank you for the scripture you used in this. My son has been having these for 2-weeks now. We are praying them out. He is learning to pray in a deeper way. He absolutely has a gift for discerning spirits and I believe the enemy is trying to turn that gift to fear. We are deep in the battle and I needed this encouragement.
    Please pray for my son Asher (7yr) if you see this.
    Thank you!

  14. I need prayer please. My son suffers from night terrors. He has since he was 2. He’s 11 now. It’s not of this world.. It’s evil and I know it in my heart. We’ve experienced some crazy and really heart breaking episodes. My son was being tortured. But now I literally laid my life down to God on August 9th. And then my son followed on the next Tuesday August 16th. I anointed oil in Jesus’s name and blessed this house and us in the name of God after we did this. He hasn’t had a night terror since.. I know it’s still soon and we pray hard every night. But demons are real and want to devour us. I’m so blessed I ran across this article. It’s true we need to know our enemy so we can fight against him with the power of God! God bless you. -nat

    • That is wonderful to hear that you have given your heart to Christ and that the demons have ceased to bother your son. Your authority in Christ is greater than any demon!! Always remember that…they must go in Jesus name…Always call upon Him and He will deliver you from any situation. I am sending prayers to you and your household. May God continue to bless you and keep you. In Jesus name!! Sincerely Pastor Cindy

  15. Hi I have found this helpful and the last part where you wrote about your point to.ponder. it has given me a little peace that since I have been fighting and trying to recite the lords prayer in my terrors I feel.as though I am.not a prisoner.. The problem is I am 27 and have no explanation for my terrors I am seeing a shrink but he is no help. It is hard trying to explain that all.my terrors have a demon and I’m awakened yelling a prayer or yelling for it to leave me alone…I Am.tempted to call a paranormal nvestagotor because other things have happened is there any other advice you have please let me no…i just want to no I am not alone and lately I feel like the devil.might be winning….

    • Sending prayers!! May God Bless You and Keep You, May the Grace of His Salvation be poured out into your heart and drive the darkness away from you. I bind all demonic forces from entering your sleep realm and release the Holy Angels of Heaven to battle for you. In Jesus Name we declare you free!!! Amen ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy

  16. Hello, I have experienced the paralysis. It is terrifying. I couldn’t scream, or move my mouth to yell. I started to pray The Lords Prayer in my mind and after a few moments the prayer flowed out of my mouth aloud. They were jumbled at first. I felt the paralysis leave my whole body. Thank You Jesus. My daughter has also had them so there is something to lineage.

  17. My 5 year gets night terrors almost every night now. It started when he was one. But wasn’t as persistent. He is a rambunctious boy. Can be very mean at times during the day and causing a lot of unnecessary drama in our home, but on the other hand is such a love bug. He has 3 siblings and none of them have night terrors. I the mother am a full Christian I believe in the spiritual warfare going on. Could you pray for my family and mainly my 5 yr old Evan.

    • Hi Ashley, I am sending prayers for your family and especially for Evan….I declare that this spirit that is hindering his dream realm and your family is bound in the name of Jesus…I am trusting that God is sending His army of angels to encamp around your home and especially Evan…that they will keep the bad at bay and restore peace into your lives. I believe that Evan has the gift of discernment but is unable to express the things he senses or sees, but I am asking the Lord to give him supernatural wisdom and to reveal the heavenly realm to him to help bring the light into his dream realm. May God Bless You and Keep You All ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy ♥

  18. Hello my husband has night terrors. I have woken up to a back hand or fist to the face or find myself in a head lock; he is very sorrowful in his actions and I realize it isn’t his self that is trying to cause me harm. I had just recently became a daughter of God so in hopes to try to find my husband some peace at night for is sanity and safety of a dangerous job I decided to see what I could do to help him. I started googling what does God say about night terrors. I found out that by placing the Bible under his pillow took his night terrors away immediately. Now, my question is could this be a bad thing because according to your reference, if I’m understanding it correctly, the night terrors could be God’s way of strengthening him to fight the evil?

    • Hi Jessica, the enemy sends the terror but God will use it to build your faith!! Placing the bible under his pillow is a good thing…I did that when I was young and it was soothing, however he does have to learn to combat these terrors as well. If he is not saved than his battle will be a more challenging one because he has no authority over these spirits. You should intercede for his salvation and also draw a hedge of protection around you bed; by that I mean you can bless the area with some anointing oil or draw the bloodline of Christ around the bed in the spirit. Sending prayers for you ♥️

  19. I’m glad I found you, I feel like this was written for me. I have had night terrors for as long as I can remember. They have become more frequent lately, the more I read the word of God and feel closer to him, I have night terrors or sleep paralysis. It’s hard to explain, but I’m terrified in my dream, but I feel like I’m in control of my dreams, and I call out to Jesus in my dream and I always wake up from my night terrors.
    I’m really glad to have found you, thank you.

    • I am happy that this helped you!! Keep speaking the name of Jesus and remind these spirits of the night who you belong too. Jesus has giving you all authority over these demonic attacks…..Keep standing in your authority and remember the Enemy is already a defeated foe. Sending prayers for you.
      Love and Blessings ~Sincerely Pastor Cindy ♥️

  20. I gave my life to the Lord December 2015. I gave my all, ciarrette addiction, opiates, television, profanity, led into celibacy. I began passing out pamphlets in Knoxville, Tn of my testimony, thousands of copies. I was also anointed to write my autobiography with the full guidance of the Holy Spirit called His Steady Eye. It will be out in late February. I went through months of serious spiritual warfare that began the March after I gave my life to my precious Jesus. The past few months I have began seeing things and everything is similar. My sister is a witch and I know it all ties in to a picture she drew for my granddaughter that I wouldn’t allow her to have. Wednesday service I gave my testimony in full in my church. Last night things got bad. I had a demon crawl on my bed above me twice portraying my daughter whispering in my ear, praise God I couldn’t make it out. It also kissed me on the forehead and I assure you it wasn’t pleasant. I felt the pressure of it’s weight on the bed. The second time it crawled right over me by it’s hands and feet not even with its toes. I know God is allowing this to happen to strengthen me because I pray, recite verses, recite Psalm 23, sing Amazing Grace, pray, call out to Jesus repeatedly, rebuke in Jesus name, dedicate my dreams but it all still occurs. I text my pastor for prayers, I just need more moral support.

  21. Stay in his word! Reading the Bible before I sleep also helps.Thank you JESUS!

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